TGS 2014: I Can't Stop Touching the New Nintendo 3DS

When Nintendo revealed the New Nintendo 3DS, the latest revision in the 3DS family tree, one glaring problem stuck out to me: how the hell are you supposed to play video games with that tiny second analog stick?

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darthv721552d ago

My original 3DS broke so I am really looking forward to getting one of these if/when they release in the west.

Cryptcuzz1552d ago

I have the regular black 3DS XL that still works, but I will be getting the new one as well, when it comes to the states. The updated screen with better 3D effects and new games only playable on the new one is reason enough for me to upgrade.

SteamPowered1552d ago

I dont know why they didnt go full dual-analog rather than that little tit of a joystick.

VenturaDres1552d ago

Didn't they say something about the spacing on the right side limiting it? I thought I read that somewhere but can't find the source now. Either way, I'm glad they put some form of functionality there.

darthv721552d ago

i have yet to find if the existing games that supported the circle pad pro are playable on this new 3DS using the CPP controls.

I'd imagine yes...seeing as the extra Z buttons and the analog stick are meant to replicate those on the CPP add-on. Its up to the games and if they detect them.

Now if more games are developed with the new 3ds in mind, that could also mean expanded support for the CPP to be able to play them on the older 3ds.

Hereiamhereibe21552d ago

They've said that the "tit-stick" has been optimized and added for camera control, now when nintendo says camera control this likely means it was made to work well with 3rd person games seeing as there are basically no FPSs on the 3ds/2ds.

TearsOfARapper1552d ago

This ^. It's mostly like the "C" stick of the GameCube controller. IGN just did a little video on their hands on with it, and they said it worked great and they loved it. Sounds like it's the perfect size/build for what it does.

ps4lifesucka1552d ago

I believe it's called the nipple nub

Grilla1552d ago

"45 degree tilt in any direction before the 3D effect “broke”"

That's awesome, what's current 3ds, like 10 degrees? It's pretty bad.