Grand Theft Auto V online heists possibly coming September 23rd

According to YouTuber DomisLive, the current Grand Theft Auto V Online problems may be due to Rockstar maintenance cleaning up for a possible Heist update.

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Blacktric1375d ago

DomIsLive is ALWAYS wrong when it comes to his shitty "exclusive" news and rumor videos. Every. Single. Time.

So please, stop giving this moron more exposure.

700p1375d ago

GTA is boring now. Actually the multiplayer is boring, it was ruined with the bad launch on multiplayer and the long freaking wait for heists. Overrated.

Spinal1375d ago

Speak for yourself. Can't wait for GTA 5 ps4.

Bonkerz1375d ago

I would hope it would be coming before X1 and PS4 release.

randomguy351375d ago

Although it was promised around the time it was released its pretty clear it's most likely to arrive on or slightly later than the 18th of November.

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The story is too old to be commented.