Destiny is the Weirdest AAA Game I’ve Ever Played

CraveOnline: "Destiny has received a middling critical reception since it released, with its scores falling well below the high level of expectation developer Bungie had for the entry point of its first new video game series since Halo. There has also been no small degree of debate regarding the validity of the reviews posted within the two weeks following Destiny‘s launch, due to Bungie previously stating that it foresees the game having a 10-year lifespan, therefore apparently making the mostly negative reviews posted by the likes of GameSpot, Polygon and this very website redundant."

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dbjj120881550d ago

I think any company faced with negative review scores is going to defend themselves. I mean, who bought Destiny without knowing what they were getting into?

Aery1550d ago


Destiny is an FPS, a great FPS and is fun. A lot.
This is what really matter.

spacedelete1550d ago

if its a great fps and so fun why is everyone calling it boring and the 6/10 reviews? its an average game at best.

MysticStrummer1550d ago

"Cause it's not an AAA game."

If you go by the industry definition of AAA, yes it is.

If you go by the fanboy definition of AAA, the result is sometimes a comment like yours.

NewMonday1550d ago


a vocal minority is not " everyone", most reviews are good even the big sites are giving good scores now that they got good time with the game.

knifefight1550d ago

I'm having more fun than I expected, even.

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Baccra171550d ago

I rented Destiny after playing the beta because I thought, like many, the full game would be far better or improved upon from the beta. That didn't happen.
So in all fairness you can't say people really knew what they were getting into before hand.

MysticStrummer1550d ago

"in all fairness you can't say people really knew what they were getting into before hand."

Sorry but that's just wrong. Somehow I knew what Destiny was without ever playing the beta, maybe because of the countless previews that surfaced in the many months before release. People who were expecting something else just weren't paying attention.

nidhogg1550d ago

It's just like this: All Destiny did was emulate the generic rpg experience but with a twist of borderlands. Not that it's bad, but the grinding is absolutely tiresome. Doing the same thing OVER and OVER again that you'd rather play a different game. Sure it will have additional features in the future but Bungie should have not made the first product as stale as it is since that would be the very basis of the reviews of the game which will be regarded by the general public despite the additional improvements in the future.

Soldierone1550d ago

I don't entirely understand this complaint. Are you doing the same task? Yeah, and I wish it had more dynamics to it. The sword level was awesome!

That being said, COD is popular and what do you do in that? Capture a zone, kill a person, die, respawn, repeat. Story mode? Sprint a few feet, ambush, sprint a few feet, ambush, sprint a few feet, a tiny bit of story, run from something, slow mo black out scene, sprint, ambush, etc...

Battlefield? Sprint a little longer than COD, get sniped, Sprint even longer, jet kills you, sprint again, throw console across the room when a sniper kills you again. Joking here, but you get the point.

At least Destiny has a variety of enemies, each with a different weakness, and often times forces you to change your load out on the fly.

Baccra171550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

The sword part was the only real different part in Destiny. Destiny may not repeat the same way your COD or battlefield does but it does repeat in it's own boring/lazily developed way. Not to mention the grinding is awful, which you completely skip over by the way. In the end Destiny has problems it needs to address, defending it like it's great won't solve or help anything.

spacedelete1550d ago

theres fun repetition then theres boring repetition. Destiny is boring repetition. its hard to describe but Destiny is just boring as hell.

deathstriker1550d ago

I agree, the grinding that's needed when you're 20+ is too much and its boring. There not being enough content to back it up and the loot system being completely random hurts it even more. The top 3 guys in crucible should be rewarded, not the guy with 2 kills/11 deaths.

It's not a weird or complicated game... it's Borderlands with a little bit of Warframe and Diablo mixed in.

BlackTar1871550d ago

Why should only the people who don't need the great gear be the ones who get it?

That is how you keep the low level strugglers low.

martinezjesus19931550d ago

I will never understand when people complain about doing the same thing over and over again. Why dont people complain about playing on the same game modes or maps in cod or battlefield? Uncharteds co op mode is probably my favorite coop yet is only survival on the same maps over and over again, with pretty much no prize. Atleast in Destiny you get some awesome loot most of the times. But yea everybody loves to hate this awesome game.

BlackTar1871550d ago

If this game was Xbox exclusive it would be the best game ever. You don't hear anything out of the xbox fans about how little content Titanfall had and how repetitive it was.

AgentSmithPS41550d ago

The same thing over and over can get boring especially if it's against AI. I like playing certain maps in BF4 but it's not boring because you're playing against a lot of random humans and who doesn't enjoy beating them. Even though I can play 1 map many times I'll eventually want to play another of my favorites.

People are all programed differently, so they can hate a game you love with good reason.

Trekster_Gamer1550d ago

I totally agree, the repetitiveness of this game alone made it boring way early on doing the same thing repeating the same level over and over and over.

I was also expecting a heck of a lot more of the story they did not deliver on this.

There's not a single memorable character in this game the voice acting reminds me of early CD games.

Hanuman1550d ago

The 'Grinding' everyone is talking about, is a choice! Find some mates and have FUN!

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DivoJones1550d ago

Well to dissect the 11 hour raid comment, it was a first run in a new raid released earlier that day. They had to figure out the puzzle, and develop tactics in an area nobody had cleared. Also, 11 hours is a long time, but by no means does anyone need to sit and do this in one session. 11 hours over 7 days is not a ton of time.. many people have played that much in a few days let alone an entire week. This was the same in WoW, someone had to figure out the tactics before everyone was able to do raids regularly. As time passes I expect that runtime will shorten up a bit.

But yes the loot system is frustrating, and the story is very bland... I'm frustrated by having to grind trash mobs for loot and never seeing boss mobs drop anything.

Maxor1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

This is the face of Destiny. Don't bother doing strikes, raids, PVP or anything else. Go to Skywatch and you'll see 2-3 level 20+ standing still, shooting lvl 5 mobs inside a cave for hours on end. The loot here is good that doing anything else is a waste of time. The funny thing is that this is just one farming spot, there are many many ways to get gear solo.

Awesome end game Bungie! Good thing they committed half a billion dollars to this game or else repetitive cave farming experiences such as this wouldn't be possible.

AgentSmithPS41550d ago

That reminds me of lab rats in a little box pushing a button to get pleasure (the rats did it until they died). Sadly it's not surprising that they let people exploit things like this, so many companies make simple mistakes that it makes you wonder what's going on there. Are people afraid of losing their jobs so they don't speak up, are the game testers bottom of the barrel, do they just not care, etc? Are they so game starved or addicted that they'll do something that takes no skill just to see a little digital item drop?

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