Final Fantasy XV Trailer is Pretty, But I Just Don't Care

Pretty pictures only go so far; for loyal long-time fans, they're still seeing an action game and not a role-playing game.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I sure care! **** the haters!

vishmarx1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

lol ,even the haters will line up for midnight launch
everyone is anticipating ff 15, some are just either salty over the platform or how ff13 turned out or something else.
this is just clickbait

DevilOgreFish1374d ago

A pretty looking trailer at best for now. It's no different really than the impressions of when FFXIII trailers were first out; pretty visuals, mega hype. can it's story equal it's epic scale? I do really hope so.

Massacred1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

No lie, we finally have something that looks pretty good coming out of Square Enix. Been down on them so long, hoping this (as well as FF 0-Type and Agito for Vita) will finally turn it around

Meltic1374d ago

Are u guys going for a midnight launch on this game ?

Blastoise1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

This game reeks of style over substance to me. And I've seen nothing to suggest otherwise. You guys seem pretty eager to forget Squeenix just spent an entire generation releasing pretty but boring Final Fantasy games.

I really hope I'm wrong, the monsters look incredible, but I'm approaching this one with caution

Lightning Mr Bubbles1374d ago

Well, from the trailer, it looks like it's a love story again(guy is driving to meet some girl), and that's a good sign, that's what makes all the best stories in Final Fantasy emotional in my opinion. I thought Final Fantasy 12 & 13 really got away from this.

Anyway, I was pretty impressed by the trailer, looks like Final Fantasy might be back.

Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill franchises all looking impressive again this gen, wow didn't expect this.

WombBat1374d ago

This game looks absolutely amazing!

I havent been this hyped for a game in forever. I am gonna play other games too, but nothing has got me as hyped as this here product.

This game is what i imagined games would be in the future, not a million cod clones.

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Irishguy951374d ago

I will never understand how anyone could love the turn based FF's combat. I mean I LOVE the games as a whole. But the combat itself is and has always been shoddy at best. It's not always the case that real time is both more strategic or more fun than turn based, but when real time is done vastly excels past turn based(unless you mean S-Rpgs which are different entirely). FF combat has been passable-fun up till now. Now it'll have great combat and then everything else that makes FF(well, 7-8) good along with some other things from FF4-6.

ChozenWoan1374d ago

I like it as well. From what I've seen of FFXV's game play it reminds me a lot of FFXII's, which is one of my favorite combat styles of any FI game. Kind of reminds me of Demon Soul's game play with a slight change that should prove to be very enjoyable.

kalkano1374d ago

Opinions. For me, the fun is gone. I now move to the sidelines of all of gaming, and wait...probably forever...

Magicite1374d ago

I dont care about those who dont care.

Eonjay1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I am a loyal fan. I have been playing for over a decade and I am interested in this game. Please speak for yourself and not the entire fanbase. This game looks awesome.

There is not one formula for roleplaying. Looking at FF10 and FF12: Both games were great and both use vastly different mechanics.

He doesn't even know the mechanics of the game and yet he hates it. That is beyond irrational. He says he hates it because it is more action and not a role playing game. Obviously he has never played Kingdom Hearts. People who want to play the same old exact game should stick to emulators.

Abash1374d ago

I love Kingdom Hearts, I enjoy the series' story and gameplay immensely. This game is being made by the Kingdom Hearts team and was directed by Tetsuya Nomura..... no matter how long it takes to release, my love for Kingdom Hearts will always make me want Final Fantasy XV when I have barely played any Final Fantasy games before

LightDiego1374d ago

I really hate Square-Enix nowadays, still, i'm really excited with FFXV, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Type-0 remake.
For sure we will have great jrpgs for PS4, Persona 5 is one example, also Tales of Zestiria for PS3. Let's hope for a new game or a sequel for Ni no Kuni made by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli.

Hold_It1374d ago

I agree with your comment. It's like you saw into my soul.

Snookies121374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Been playing this series since Final Fantasy 1. I've played every iteration, and absolutely love the classic turn-based battle systems. I'm also happy to say I'm eagerly awaiting this game, and I'm excited to see how the more action-oriented gameplay works. I can't believe people are brushing this game off just for not being turn based. It's ridiculous, as they haven't even played the game yet to see how this new system plays...

Kurisu1374d ago

In regards to a previous topics:

Secret summons would be great!

I'm really looking to see what design they'll take. Summons have undergone radical changes lately. Shiva was a twin sister motorcycle in XIII and an ice skater in Type-0 (skating around with her is so much fun xD) so I'm interested to see what form she takes in Vers-, uh, XV :) Also will they fight alongside you? Will you take control of the summon? Will all characters be able to summon? Looking forward to finding out.

NatureOfLogic_1374d ago

This is the first Final Fantasy that I have absolutely zero hype for. That may turn out to be a good thing. If the game is good or bad, I won't be disappointed.

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