Final Fantasy Type-0 HD isn’t just a remaster judging by the gameplay videos

If you're a hardcore Final Fantasy fan like me, you're probably searching the internet for more information about Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD after their trailers were dropped earlier today.

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NxeonPwn1550d ago

I think it was built ground up on Current gen consoles, nonetheless it looks great!

NewMonday1550d ago

worth skipping the Vita, much better than a simple resolution upgrade people expected.

and from the gamers who played the import it's a great FF game with good story and plays like Kingdom Hearts.

Magicite1550d ago

Im pretty sure it looked nowhere good as this on PSP.

Agent_hitman1550d ago

I was impressed, the greaphics are descent and too good for home console. I will not be surprised if this game is coming to PC next after the FF13 PC reveal.

Cha0tik1550d ago

Even if it is coming to PC these videos you're seeing online are playing directly off the PS4 and Xbox One at TGS.

NikX1550d ago

Really impressed can't wait to play this game!