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GR: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes puts the franchised heroes front and center. It does so in a very smart way, leveraging The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy as its launch Play Sets. For those who haven't played the original Disney Infinity (this is the "2.0 Edition") the game, along with the Disney Infinity Base, and three meticulously crafted Avengers vinyl figures (Black Widow, Iron Man, and Thor) along with an Avengers Play Set piece are sold in the initial Starter Set. Placing the vinyl figures on the Disney Infinity Base, along with power disc ability boosters, allows the player to use that individual character in the Play Set they were created for, offering each essentially a dedicated sandbox game.

Additions to the game play include a leveling system for the characters, with 36-or-so upgradable attributes and character specific skills, including enemy-clearing special moves specific to character style. Leveling up Captain America's ranged attack, for instance, can allow his shield to ricochet multiple times from one enemy to another, doing more damage to the overall group. Of these 36 attributes, the character level caps at level 20 without enough Skill Points awarded to fill out the entire board, making the skill tree an element of personalization in ownership; the character progress is tied to the figures, not the game-save, so you can take and show off your individual figure at a friend's house regardless of platform.

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JonnyBigBoss1552d ago

This game looks very fun!

insertcoin1552d ago

I've got all the figurines ordered and ready to go. I think I may have a problem...

eaise1552d ago

I can't wait for the NA release Tuesday! This game looks so fun! I pre-ordered both of the extra playsets too! I'm gonna have a blast with this