The Tomorrow Children: New Gameplay Details

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"The Tomorrow Children is an online game, combining synchronous and asynchronous gameplay. This is to encourage a fresh style of play. If you just want to explore by yourself you can and other players can’t see you. But if you want to interact with other players, your actions in the world will begin to pop up in their worlds. The world itself is synchronized too, so your interactions appear in both your own world and theirs. For example: if you dig a hole, that hole will be dug in the same place for other players in their world. It’s pretty interesting to see people working together within this system, digging out to find resources and using them to build up their towns together.
People have asked what kind of roles players can assume in the game. The Tomorrow Children is a sandbox but there are some loosely defined roles you can take on such as Radio Officer which is a kind of scout role, and Engineer Commander who likes explosives and building roads, but you can mix and match your tools and weapons any way you like. The policemen around town will assign you roles and give you a default tool if they feel there is a shortage of a particular type of player. You can always ask them for advice, too."

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Eonjay1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I'm really interested in this title.

GribbleGrunger1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Same here. It reads like a cross between Minecraft, Don't Starve and The Sims.

ps4fanboy1375d ago

Again, another fresh style and direction , excellent.

THC CELL1375d ago

so can we see each other if we want ?