Wii Fit Diary: Week Four

Globe & Mail game reporter loses a total of 3.2 pounds after playing Wii Fit for four weeks. From the story:

"...In starting my fourth week of regular workouts using Wii Fit's innovative new software and hardware, I'm down just over three pounds. It might not be Richard Simmons-fabulous, but, after observing an in-game graph plot a gradual decrease in my weight and body mass index, I feel confident writing that Wii Fit can help a person shed a few pounds-if they put their mind and body to it (I'm averaging just over four hours a week on the balance board).

The only problem? I'm not sure how long I'm going to stick with it.

As I've mentioned in previous diary entries, the first few weeks offer rewards not found in traditional exercise, such as new games and activities that become unlocked as players put more time into the game; proverbial carrots that drive us to work a little harder. However, now that I've unlocked everything the game has to offer I feel a lack of incentive to exercise. It would have been nice had Nintendo provided a means by which players could download additional games on a regular basis to help keep up their interest..."

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