Destiny Absolutely Dominates Twitch in First Week

In its first week of release, Destiny has been viewed a staggering number of times on Twitch, serving as continued testament to the game's popularity.

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spacedelete1217d ago

views don't equal sales in fact i wonder how many people got turned off or cancelled their preorder as soon as they saw how boring it was.

vega2751217d ago

I know I cancelled mines because of twitch. I must say (for me that is) twitch has helped me decide on if im going to buy the game cause it looks fun or pass because it looked boring. I dont go by reviews no more

venom061217d ago

of course if dominates Twitch @ launch.. that's the product of OVER hype and OVER exaggeration from IGN before launch and Activision not sending out review copies.

NewMonday1217d ago

everyday more people in my friends list start playing Destiny, word of moth is great and the more recent reviews from those who played the game deeply are positive, haters wasted their time again, they couldn't stop destiny.

MysticStrummer1217d ago

I wonder how many people are thinking of buying it because their friends tell them it's a lot of fun. Everyone I know who is playing it loves it.

LAWSON721217d ago

It seems like all my friends are still enjoying it.

700p1217d ago

Ya its a borefest watching someone play destiny. BUT i dont see how people can watch someone else play a game. Unless you cant afford it.

mediate-this1217d ago

Hey,the story is not the best but pvp is super fun and playing with your friends doing strikes and the raid is awesome.

MooseWI1217d ago

I think this is huge. If you have no friends this game isn't fun (depends on the person yes).

LAWSON721217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Too bad it has no CTF and many other game modes, hopefully in due time Bungie will add a bunch of them

UnwanteDreamz1216d ago

Ive seen 6 pvp game modes but they only use 4 during the week for some reason. Ibe had that salvage bounty all week.