10.0 MGS4 review - 'Metal Gear Solid 4 is a masterpiece' writes: "Being a newcomer to the MGS series I have to admit I fully understood the story. I know some people are worrying they won't be able to follow the game but I assure you it's possible. I can imagine there is more nostalgia gained by fans of the series playing the game but honestly - there is no reason for newcomers to feel isolated.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a masterpiece and that's all that needs to be said really."

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Spike473713d ago

tell me how liquid ocelot dies in MGS4?

pwnsause3713d ago

why dont you go buy the game instead of asking?

juuken3713d ago

You want to spoil the game for yourself?
Are you mad?

acetw1n3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I finished the game last Night and it left me very puzzled !
It's a great game, by far the best I've played.Some of the plot had a lot of hole's in it and made me question why ceratin people would go through such length's to achieve some of there goals. However I wont go in to detail .But I felt the ending was kind of tacked on .

kingOVsticks3713d ago

I didn't see the holes are implying but i recommend playing mgs1-3 again and re listen everything. This helps me alot when ever I play a mgs game

kingOVsticks3713d ago

the meta score should be at 9.7>_<

Mr_Showtime13713d ago

This Game deserves to be on top, but the lame reviewers who dont appreciate what a real gaming masterpiece is, have brought the score way down.

juuken3713d ago

The haters keep hatin'.

perils3713d ago

let them hate. just feel pity for the ones who arnt playing it cos they hate. and the ones who are playing it and hating? well reserve the most pity for them because they ary lying to themselves. The guilt must be unbearable!