The Hypocrisy Surrounding Bewbs

There has been a lot of hubbub recently concerning the depiction of naked female boobage in the recently released MMO Age of Conan. U.S. gamers fought to keep the nipples in the game, but now it appears they don't want to actually see them. What gives?

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Twizlex3830d ago

Hahaha! Interesting stuff.

And yeah, why do so many people get aggravated by dancing elf chicks on mailboxes?

bunbun7773830d ago

How nice to read this, I bought AoC and the first thing I did was make a wonderful female barbarian and like in WoW, I immediately threw off the top and bottom to appreciate the character model. And yes, I noticed maybe 3 other females total (this is including another female 10 and a level 7 that I made as well) 3 females besides the 3 I made?
That is tuff for one like me who really appreciates seeing female characters even though i know full well that 99% of these girls are probably dudes irl. That's okay though because, as a male playing a female character, I get plenty of enjoyment looking while playing, not through actually trying to take advantage of some perverted role playing fantasy I construct by harassing players and asking them to me their bewbs, as it were.

Twizlex3830d ago

I also am curious to see if Microsoft will allow the boobs. My guess is that they won't.