Destiny’s Vault of Glass Raid Cleared in Under 2 Hours

GoodGameBro writes, "When Bungie unveiled the very first raid in Destiny, the Vault of Glass, they stated that the quickest you would likely see someone complete it would be 6 hours. The first official completion of the raid took roughly 12 hours, but we’ve seen record timing come from a group of players since then."

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Neonridr1376d ago

I got invited by some random people in the tower and we couldn't even pass the first portion where you have to raise the spire. In our defense though, one guy quit only a few minutes in. You need 6 people minimum, and ideally everyone needs to be 26 or above.

ninsigma1375d ago

Same happened to me and I was only level 24 and so were they and they invited some lvl 21s and 22s. I laughed when the said oh we're gonna do the vault of glass xD

Neonridr1375d ago

actually we had a level 22 player, but he wasn't allowed to participate in the raid. I believe you have to be within 2 levels of what it says you need, so 24 is the minimum.

ninsigma1375d ago

Yeah that's what happened to us. Those two players couldn't play, so I said screw it and left. I'm ready for it now though. Just need some level 26 friends lol

ShowGun9011375d ago

heck, if people inviting people intentionally can get stomped that bad, i see why theres no random matchmaking for the vault of glass...

i think it should be there though, but with a HUGE warning:

RANDOM MATCHMAKING NOT RECOMMENDED! Raids should be played with Gaurdians you work well with, with a complimentary class and gear loadout.

(people are making WAY too much about the lack of matchmaking on this ONE mission though... strikes, ie 95% of the game, have matchmaking)

Neonridr1375d ago

I do wish that the Weekly Heroic Strike had matchmaking though.

USA0071375d ago

My team had 4 random people, and we are on the final part right now. I would recommend everyone being lvl 27 as the final mobs are all 27, so the 26's can't do damage. It's a really fun and challenging raid, but is doable as long as everyone has a mic and works together

TheRedButterfly1375d ago

Making it in the door took about 45 minutes with my buddies two days ago. 3 Titans, 2 Warlocks, 1 Hunter.

Titans: lvl 26, 26, 27
Warlocks: lvl 26, 25
Hunter: lvl 25.

We've been stuck on the first boss area ever since. Though we have all gotten to at least lvl 26 by this point, so that's a plus. Considering how the weekend is starting, we're probably going to go hard in the paint when we all get home from work/class. It's gonna be a blast! >:D

Godz Kastro1376d ago

Yup same here but all 6 remained. The only problem only one person was a 27. The rest were 24-25. We are now currently trying to grind so all 6 of us are 26 then give it another go.

BattleTorn1376d ago

You on PS4? I'd add you, my PSN is Battle_Torn

I'm in the same boat as you, grinding to get the last legendary items I need.

Godz Kastro1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Im on the X1, I would've been more than happy to team up. Really wish MS/Sony had cross play.

Try patrols too dude. I think its one of the quickest ways to get your vanguard mark up coupled with bounties. Which will help with your pursuit of legendary gear

Battlefieldlover1375d ago

Could I maybe get in on this guys? Just got full set of legendary weapons and armor. Level 25 and an inch to 26. I really want to do some raids and have people to do the weekly strikes. GrandClover PS4

Neonridr1375d ago

me too BattleTorn, we should grind sometime since you already added me.

Neonridr1375d ago

the day that you can play across the X1 to the PS4 will be a great day in gaming history..

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Conzul1376d ago

I keep doing lvl 24 Strike Playlists but I get shitty drops, don't even have any legendary armor yet :P

n4rc1375d ago

I got my first piece of legendary gear as a gift from the postmaster.. Lvl 23

I was doing what I read.. Lots of bounties..

Enate1375d ago

Yea I hear you on that the strikes just seem to be trolling me half the time. For the time it takes to complete them I could complete like 4 crucible matches an pretty much always get blues. Which sucks since I really just wanna do the pve.

N4Flamers1375d ago

Im at vanguard rank 3 and they just gave me a legendary for achieving that rank. You only need vg rank 2 to buy legendary gear with marks.

If you go on patrol you get 10 rep per mission and each one takes between 3 - 7 minutes. Some take less than one. So 3 missions is about 10 minutes and you earned 5 more points than doing a 20 to 30 minute strike. If you see a mission that has like a dragonball icon, that mission is worth 25. The same as a strike but takes like 5 minutes at most

Neonridr1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

my first legendary drop was a chest piece that I got from a level 17 goblin doing the second last story mission on Mars. Got super lucky I guess. The other legendary I got? Is for a Titan (Warlock here). Go figure. Every other one? Cryptarch loves to turn them all into blues or motes of light.

@N4Flamers - all fine and dandy, but when you need like 3000xp to level up the vanguard, doing a patrol mission which nets you 10 points is gonna take a long time. I always focus on the bounties first as they get you anywhere from 100-200 points there, and if you can do the weekly strike it nets you a good amount. Unfortunately the Vanguard Strike Playlist takes too long to get you only like 12-14 points (better off doing patrol like you said at that point since they take much less time to complete)

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spacedelete1376d ago

the fact you need 6 players in a mode to complete it says it all. no wonder MS had no problem making Bungie independent after seeing what they wanted to make.

BX811376d ago

Yeah, god forbid we have a game mode that calls for team oriented action. /s

DanteVFenris6661375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

You do realize I little game called world of Warcraft had 40 man raids. You needed 40 people!!! And where did that get it? 10 years later with still 7+mill subscribers that pay 15$ a month. Now what's 7 mil x 15. It's 100 mil+ a month. 1 billion a year. Not including in store market and expansion pack and original game profits.

6 players is nothing dude. Get out of what every video game genre shell you came from. This is quite small. Actually a lot of people like me were disappointed with how few players there was. And how few social features they had.

Though in still having a blast. Fuck reviews. More I play the more I discover and like. Sure it's shorter then most mmos. But this is a mix like eso was between mmo and it's original genres gameplay. It seems reviewers don't like to have genres mixed. Cause I loved eso and am loving this

Ol_Boy1375d ago

I completely agree with you. I'm hopeful that bungie will one day release a 12 man raid at the least. That would be awesome!

wsoutlaw871375d ago

you do know mp in almost every game needs more than 6 players right? lol its an option and im sure a lot of people, including those who have beat it, enjoy the challenge.

GamersHeaven1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

I'm at the last boss just got to level 27 last night grinding my exotic weapon and legendary weapons/armor up hopefully get it done and over tonight takes alot of time patience thats for sure.

leemo191376d ago

Yet to try this raid, but that time is impressive indeed. You really got to know what your doing to get that time.

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