Despite All The Grief, I'm Pumped For The Order: 1886

One of its bigger complaints that The Order has, It's continually showing the same location, characters, weapons. Many of gamer's have moaned about this for Ready at Dawn not showcasing more. But like a movie trailer, Extra Quarter prefers the best laughs not to be shown, keep the surprises. Let's not ruin it.

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Enemy1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Most of the hate for this game comes from the game looking so good and getting far more recognition in graphics than even PC games.

The butthurt is hilarious to see.

Everything about this game from the atmosphere to the setting to the graphics to the weapons is unique. It looks like it's going to tell an incredible story, which is what it sets out to do first and foremost.

How many games like this have we seen, really?

The Order: 1886 will be one of the best games of 2015.

guyman1401d ago

The order is going to be an amazing game. The wait is taking forever though, im extremely excited to see this game smash haters and naysayers in the face.

Cindy-rella1401d ago

the order 1886 looks really good and i can't wait to buy it.
i dont understand the hatred it receives from some people because their main gripe seems to be upset that it doesn't play like what they want it to play like. its always about how they expect a character to die a certain time or way and never about short comings of the game itself. its never that they shoot at an enemy and the reticule turns the opposite way or something the developers never intended.

basically what I'm saying is that they are upset that the devs never did certain things accordingly to what they are use to in other games. i would think people would adapt to whatever the game mechanics are and try to master it in order to play the game well or not play it if its not your cup of tea.

another running jab i hear a lot of people use to disparage the order 1886 is to classify it has a pretty game with generic gameplay mechanics. you cover then shoot. the mechanics of 99percent of shooters are like that unless the protagonist is absorbing bullets and mowing down enemies at the same time. most shooters( tps, fps) consists of covering then shooting so i don't know why certain games should strive to be totally different. its either the playable character hides behind a barrier or stands behind something to not get hit by incoming bullets or he/she is shooting or walking out in the open.

every shooter (tps,fps) plays similarly to each other and a lot of people haven't anything to complain about. i see a few that complain and i never understand what they want. you can move a character forward back left right aim up down left right and the usual stuff with minor new things like a character having powers or something . most shooters have generic shooting mechanics most gamers are use to. all gamers do really is adapt to the input lag or delay or little differences in controls.

why do people want the order 1886 to reinvent tps genre as a whole.
the game looks good and controlling seems good so i don't know whats wrong with people. the debs won't reveal all the levels and guns in previews or more than they need to as to not spoil the game for most. i can't wait for this game.

Illusive_Man1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Looking so good? Is this a joke?

Quantum Break looks better than this and isn't letterboxed or in 800p.

I don't think think any PC or Xbox One gamer is jealous of The Order: 1886, now's a shame it won't at least come out on PC.

Enemy1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Quantum Break looks like a last gen game in comparison, actually. I was surprised to see how much of a downgrade it received. Gameplay looks underwhelming too, as well as the voice acting, just like Alan Wake.

This is The Order: 1886

This is Quantum Break

Just look at that low poly character model. The assets look really weird. Being entirely gray doesn't help either.

bennissimo1401d ago

Both of you hush now. Quantum Break and The Order will both be good.

LightDiego1401d ago

A shame? Bloodborne belongs to Sony, stop whining, you have problems.

Enemy1401d ago

Not sure why you got disagrees, LightDiego. The game is literally being co-developed by Sony Japan Studio. Sony owns the IP. All future sequels will be on PS4 and PS5.

bazinga_911401d ago

Sorry but Quantum break doesn't hold a candle to The Order in graphics.

DigitalRaptor1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

The only joke around here is you.

Quantum Break looks almost as good as inFamous Second Son.

The Order: 1886 isn't rendered in 800p, although this will be one of your illogical bullet points when the game comes out and is actually a lot better than people have been peddling it to be out of insecurity that they haven't seen more. It's rendered in 1080p, in the same way a Blu-ray film is done. You don't see people calling those 800p films now, do you?

Plus, Quantum Break is actually 900p, whilst The Order is 1080p. Pixel Density = resolution.

Bloodborne is, and always will be, a PS4 exclusive. Quantum Break will eventually end up on PC.

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1401d ago
system221401d ago

i think most of the hate comes from the fact that people spent more time on the graphics than actually just making a fun game. personally, i'm cautiously optimistic and will most likely buy it, but i am concerned that most of the people who played it said it was not that fun. kinda the same thing when i got Ryse on the x1. Gorgeous looking game, super boring and repetitive a couple hours in.

Spotie1400d ago

And exactly how do you know how much time was spent where? All anyone is getting is the same old demo, yet somehow, with the game as far away from completion as it is- and demos always being of works in progress- you have people even in here calling the whole game bland, the whole game linear. Objectively, the game is gorgeous, solid, but nothing groundbreaking. Why, then, such ardent attempts to downplay it?

700p1401d ago

The hate is how boring this game is. Its so bland.

DigitalRaptor1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

- Hasn't played it.
- Hasn't seen more than 95% of the rest of the game.
- Makes a statement about how bland and boring it is.

The hate comes from both those who want to hate it, and those that have only seen the same footage that they don't think looks interesting repeatedly (bear in mind that it's about 10 minutes out of a 12 hour game).

Elsewhere, the hands-on impressions since E3 have been positive, but the fanboys are holding on to the older impressions and convincing themselves that it hasn't improved. Concern trolls talk about bad gameplay, and how it's graphics and story vs. Everything else.

Yet we just had access to a video showing the dedication put into designing the weapons, which shows that they've put a massive amount of dedication into the gameplay and making it as unique as possible.

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izumo_lee1401d ago

Alot of the 'hate' comes from seeing one area of the game over & over again. Like seriously do they really think RAD is gonna show everything in the game? Maybe those areas are very story related hence why all the secrecy. RAD has repeatedly stated that this will be a very story driven game.

From what i've seen it looks like a solid 3rd person shooter with gorgeous visuals. When this game comes out i wanna see all the naysayers eat crow for jumping to conclusions.

Malphite1401d ago

Completely agree. It's funny how people seem to have the ability to rate a game from 12 minutes of footage. Theres a fine line between showing enough to keep people interessted and showing too much and potentially spoiling too many highlights.

Most recent games have done the latter imo. That's why I always try to go on media blackout mode when I've seen enough to warrant a purchase. Anything I see past this point is only going to take away from my expirience with the game.

I do realise that there might not be enough information or footage of the game for everyone to decide but keep in mind that the game is still half a year away from its release.

Software_Lover1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

....... Isn't this how it was done in the old days? You play a demo, you determine if you like it or not. Am I missing something?

I do agree with you that journalist/media try to get too much information on games and end up spoiling everything for the rest of us. It's a sad state of affairs.

I don't think anyone is saying the game isn't gorgeous though. The remarks are kind of looking like infamous again. I think its gonna be better than that though.

daBUSHwhaka1401d ago

Eat crow,as in the bird crow.

AgentSmithPS41401d ago

I wonder if the meat is more moist than chicken because of all the eyeballs they eat.

Lucreto1401d ago

I would be nice to get an updated demo. They have used the same old build from before E3 and we don't know how old that is either. I am sure the gameplay has improved in the last 5 months and will be improved further in the next 5 months. I am sure they are not ignoring the media's moaning.

Kingdomcome2471401d ago

The hate this game is receiving will in the end be a benefit in my opinion. I couldn't care less what people playing the same demo over and over have to say. This is one of my most highly anticipated games. I would love it if you were able to play as Tesla during one of the missions.

Volkama1400d ago

It's all setting up to smash peoples expectations and get the reception that a good game gets if hasn't been over-hyped.

The negative previews are a blessing in that sense, but with Destiny going the opposite way and achieving crazy sales... who knows what is best from RAD's perspective!

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