Battlefield Hardline – Hotwire Mode Gameplay Trailer

EA released a new Battlefield Hardline Hotwire mode gameplay trailer. Hotwire is a game mode where cops chase down robbers at high speeds.

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Neixus1552d ago

This looked pretty cool and interesting to be honest.

RedDeadLB1552d ago

You've got to remember that most Battlefield trailers look freaking awesome and then end up not awesome at all.

Neixus1552d ago

I don't know about you, but i find it pretty awesome to squad up with 4 other friends and play Battlefield :)

Detoxx1552d ago

I'll have to disagree with you.

Things happen in Battlefield which cannot be predicted and shown in trailers, it's awesome.

venom061552d ago

this mode and trailer actually does look pretty cool.. but of course, because it has EA in the title, folks are going to butthurt about it...

nX1551d ago

^And they have good reasons to do so. I don't care how good this looks, the BF4 fiasco is still too fresh. And even if Hardline is being developed by someone else, I'm still not keen on giving my money to EA.

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jagermaster6191552d ago

Wow does look pretty awesome I gotta say but I would rather play star wars battlefront 3 but I guess this will have to do

Palitera1552d ago

It does look good, but the reveal trailer also looked awesome and in the end was very different (gameplay and pace wise) than what they offered on the beta...

gamerfan09091552d ago

I've never got the pure hatred this game gets. Everything they've showed so far has looked decent to great. That single player gameplay demo they showed a couple of months back looked outstanding. It had the mixture of far cry, battlefield, and cops. I think people are just hating cause they're using the battlefield name and it's cool on these forums to crap on EA.

Palitera1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I loved Battlefield 4, even on release. I think the hate for the series actually comes from ignorant people that didn't even play the game, as usual. I got all MP trophies and the issues bothered me so little... The only one that actually annoyed me was the searching systems not working properly.

That said... The beta for this game seemed just like a dumbed down BF game. I felt like nothing good was added and lots were removed, like wide open maps and great vehicles, for instance.

You also can't forget that this game could very well be a DLC for BF4 (since the engine and core gameplay are almost the same), but it's being advertised and sold as a different, new game.

It was a must buy to me until I played the beta.

WeAreLegion1552d ago

I want Visceral to be successful. I like what I'm seeing here. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.