Sony still on target to ship one million PS3s in 2006

Sony has issued a statement revealing that the first shipment of PS3s were sold "within hours." The 60GB model sold better than the 20GB unit - presumably there was more of the 60GB units to go around - and Resistance: Fall of Man topped the PS3 sales.

If you missed getting a console on day one then Sony says that there will be regular shipments of the console arriving at retail now that manufacturing is running smoothly.

The launch of the PS3 was also good news for other Sony consoles; the PSP saw a 30% rise in sales at the top five retailers, and PS2 sales were also up by 24%.

"Sony Computer Entertainment America couldn't be more pleased with the response we have seen from consumers since the launch of PlayStation 3 on Friday," said corporate communications boss David Karraker. "This truly demonstrates the power of the PlayStation brand and further validates our belief that consumers see real value in an entertainment system that will define the next decade of digital entertainment."

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THWIP4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

...and here's why:

1.) All indications are that they haven't even shipped the promised 400k units, in the U.S.

2.) IF THEY DID ship 400k units, then they are simply lying about selling out. They supposedly were shipping 80k to Japan, and 400k to the U.S.
As of today, They've only sold about 275k WORLDWIDE. That's 225k shy of being "sold out".

3.) Given this info, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that they can ship another 700k in the next 5 weeks.

AuburnTiger4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

Everything you just wrote is pure speculation. How do you know that they only sold 275K???? You bring this number up only because of rumors and not facts. Twit you are simply a fanboy who loves your 360 so much your willing to degrade any product that threatens your xbox. You've got some growing up to do Mr.

RBlaze4408d ago

...As the 20GB one is far inferior to the 60GB model!

2tired2day2hate4408d ago

i dont know why anyone would believe this. sony has lied about everything else ie: specs, launch dates, the number of units on launch, flawless backward compatibility, lied about what you HAVE to buy from ms for 360, and the list goes on.

DJ4408d ago

Thwip and 2tired still haven't grown out of the "Sony lies, wah-wah" phase. A company sets a goal, and then hopes to reach it. Sony sold out, but they only had a little over half the units they wanted. You can whine all you want about backwards compatibility and specs that you hope were downgraded. Either way, developers state that the hardware wasn't downgraded, and about that backwards compatibility? The day Microsoft has compatibility for 97.5% of their titles, message me because that's what Sony achieved. And that was eight thousand titles.

Come on, crap happens. Get over it.

THWIP4408d ago

I never mentioned ANY of the BS you're babbling about, so direct your asinine crap elsewhere.

Thank you. :)

UrbanJabroni4408d ago

Am I the only one who hasn't _touched_ any "last-gen" console games since the launch of the 360? Am I the only one who could absolutely, 100% care less about BC?

I have one, exactly one PS1 title I would play again, SOTN, and it is coming to marketplace. Does anyone know how bad most PS1 games look these days?

With the attach rate for the 360 as high as it is, I can't imagine most 360 owners care about last-gen games either.

PS3n3604408d ago

the ps3 isnt sold out yet you can still get one on ebay. Its only sold when its in the hands of the end user not some sleeze bag ebay seller.

The great 14408d ago

I thk some shops keepers are keeping there stock and selling them on ebay rather than there shops, there like 2000 on ebay i thk and i'm getting 1 on Monday hehhaha!

MicroGamer4406d ago

Ebay prices seem to be in a downward spiral with many units ending at $1000 or less now instead of the $3500 or more they were at in the days following launch. I guess a lot of people don't like the news they are reading online about the launch and either waiting to make a purchase or keeping their bids low.

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