Deemo: Last Recital Plays Heartful Tunes on Vita [TGS Hands-On + Trailer] PSLS

"The gameplay is rather simple: just watch the notes come from the background to the foreground, then tap them exactly as they hit the line. Difficulty can be adjusted in the traditional way (Easy, Normal, and Hard modes), and also by selecting the note speed before jumping into a song. It doesn’t have the flashy videos of Hatsune Miku or Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, but when you’re an indie phone port, eh, I’d say you’re okay without them. Such things would also go against Deemo‘s simplistic, less-is-more style." -PSLS

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knifefight1549d ago

The song "Dream" from this game is nice. I feel like I kind of want to listen to it while ice skating or something.

insertcoin1549d ago

Please, rhythm genre. Please make a comeback.

izumo_lee1549d ago

The Vita is getting a lot of rhythm games from Miku, to I/O, to Idol Master, this looks like a nice addition to the growing genre. It looks cute, has some beautiful music & seems easy to play.

nidhogg1549d ago

I'm playing deemo on my smartphone right now. if this goes to the Vita, this will surely be a sure buy! Love the game.. I like "Wings of Piano".