Release of PlayStation 4 PlayMemories Online App

Sony writes: We are releasing a special free app that allows photos saved in PlayMemories Online to be enjoyed on PlayStation® 4 for the countries/regions listed below.

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JoGam1223d ago

This is great news. I use playmemories all the time.

LackTrue4K1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

This is bull 5hit. Why must I have to be online? I plan to get a second PlayStation 4 for my house in Mexico, problem is im limited to Internet acces....I have the same problems with movies. Why have a huge hardrive if I can't have my stuff in it?!?

bazinga_911222d ago

Ps4 just keeps getting better and better. Thank you Sony. :3

spacedelete1222d ago

who not let us store our photos, videos and music on the PS4 hard drive ? this is getting annoying now.

vikingland11222d ago

I use to buy movies on psn & xbl. But they are only streaming them now so I quit buying from them. Why not offer customers a choice between DL or streaming?

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