Resident Evil Revelations 2 Proves Capcom Knows What 'Survival Horror' Is (Preview) | Twinfinite

Twinfinite writes:

Resident Evil Revelations 2 got its first hands-on demo at Tokyo Game Show 2014 and Capcom proves to fans that they're still capable of survival horror.

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-Foxtrot1369d ago

No it dosen't. Nothing we've seen yet looks like they know what it is still

They still want to go with the action route but pump out well crafted trailers to make it look like it's going to be horror based. Just like they did with RE5, RE6 and Revelations

They added co-op again, says it all

munnyndonuts1369d ago

Actually, I played the demo at TGS. It's still action-oriented, yes, but it's a definite effort on Capcom's part to bring it back to 'survival horror'.

-Foxtrot1369d ago

If they wanted to bring Survival horror back they wouldn't of added half the shit in Revelations 2.

They did exactly the same for RE6, people played Leon's demo at TGS and other conferences where it's set in the spooky house, said it was bringing back survival horror then the full game comes back and we find out it was a trick.

cfc781369d ago

Looks like the same tune played on a different fiddle typical Capcom and their rated 12 style action horror games these days.

ZombieGamerMan1369d ago

Oh my god seriously, you haven't even played the game and you want to tell someone who has he's wrong? I have seen the footages and I swear if capcom had never said co-op and you saw the people switching from Clair to Moira on the fly you'd be salivating from the mouth saying it's a return to form and that it adopts the Resident Evil Zero style.

Seriously if you saw the footage you'd see these things. Low ammo, a nice horror setting, and the co-op character only using a flashlight meaning you're left to deal with everything on your own.

Seriously how about you stop trolling these Revelations 2 articles and do something else, it's sickening to see people calling the game out without trying it out and complaing because you don't like some of the features.

Inception1369d ago

It's funny how people like foxtrot who complaint sooo much and saying he will not buying the game, but in every news for Revelations 2 we saw him as the 1st commenter.

Anyway, i'm glad we can switch between Claire and Moira in the fly just like Rebecca & Billy in RE Zero, one of classic RE that got praised a lot by RE fans.

ZombieGamerMan1368d ago

@ Inception Yeah it's fricking ridiculous, besides a lot of the cover it's gotten has been pretyy positive about a more survival horror approach.

The complaints these trolls bring are just dumb, co-op, that doesn't ruin the horror, read my blog I cover this subject. Episodic, hello anyone remember Siren Blood Curse, seriously just a lot of trolls trolling or babies crying.

jrshankill1368d ago

You really can't prove anything yet until you have played the game.

People who have played the demo are saying that it feels more survival horror than the past games.

Yes, we were let down by 5 and 6 in terms of survival horror; but you should really sometimes give developers the benefit of the doubt. It's not like we have anything left to lose with the Resident Evil franchise.

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ritsuka6661369d ago

Revelations 2 Proves Capcom Knows What 'Survival Horror' Is''

Hyperbole much? The game not looks Survival Horror. Not even close of this.

XXXL1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I'll believe it when I see it... In the bargain bin

WeAreLegion1369d ago

Revelations was one of the better RE games. This one seems more focused on horror, but still maintains the action. So, I'm excited.

bigboss19901369d ago

Well where to Beguin with this... Its co.op again :/ its a AI character what you can't control :/ its shit action again :/ story is kind of a rip off of code Veronica's prison island :/ the graphics suck ass... The game play looks just as bad as resi 6 the story sounds kind of stupid.. Oh look its Claire ! With Barry's daughter........really what a coincidence ! No shit..... Come on ! I seriously give up with this now :/ I'm gonna wait till the original makers come back to do one or I'm not brothering!!

gantarat1369d ago

you can control A.I. character like RE 0

Inception1369d ago

"its a AI character what you can't control"

Nope, you can switch between Claire and Moira in the fly, just like Rebecca and Billy in RE Zero.

"story is kind of a rip off of code Veronica's prison island"

Classic fans DEMAND a setting like code veronica and capcom fulfill it. But now someone complaining it's a rip-off of classic RE, LMAO.

"I seriously give up with this now"

Yeah yeah than don't buy it. Problem solved.

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