Top Ten Final Fantasy Songs From Curtain Call

Jay Borenstein Writes: Yesterday I gave Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call a very positive review, and since then I’ve been thinking about which tracks in the game, and by definition all across Final Fantasy history, really stand out as my favourites. Choosing a list of favourite Final Fantasy songs is like choosing from among your dozens of children; there’s so many and they’re so hard to rank – and you always forget about one or two. If you feel like your favourite tracks are missing (from my list or the game), or disagree with my ranking, feel free to start a discussion in the comments! Without further ado, the top ten Final Fantasy Songs From Curtain Call.

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Hendrickson1374d ago

Some nice tunes in there!

jeowulf1374d ago

Thanks! Anything you feel is missing?

kyoraki_jeeha1374d ago

Would have loved to have seen a shoutout to the FFXIV: ARR trcks in the game, like Good King Moggle Mog XII or Answers. Still a great list!

Gearfox1374d ago

Always loved the Final Fantasy soundtrack so after checking out this list, I'm definitely interested in picking up this game.

Max_Chiasson1374d ago

I don't know why but this game strangely reminds me of Elite Beat Agents from back in the original DS days haha