FIFA 15 mobile focuses on Ultimate Team as 80% of users play just 2 modes

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the mobile edition of the football franchise, features two modes this year based on player feedback.

Last year's instalment, which went free-to-play for the first time, saw 80-90% of its users engage with only two modes - Ultimate Team and Matches of the Week.

As a result, the development team has focused its resources on those two modes for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, which is the reason behind the new subtitle.

"One of the things [free-to-play] has brought to the table is a huge install base for the game on all mobile platforms," senior product manager Lucian Cotreanti told Digital Spy.

"That has enabled us to have this huge panel of users to be looking at in terms of what they're playing, how they're engaging with the game, taking a lot of feedback from customer satisfaction surveys, and things like that, in order to give us better perspective for where we should be taking the franchise on mobile platforms going forward.

"The decision that we've made for the game based on that is we're going to strip down all the other game modes in order to be able to concentrate our development capacity into making those two game modes the best experiences possible for mobile devices."

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