Bandit Six Dev: Gear VR is 'superior' to Oculus DK1

VRFocus - While smartphones continue to grow in power and quality, many still question if they can be used for true virtual reality (VR) experiences. Plenty of head-mounted displays (HMD) already offer the chance to plug in a handset and have it act as a display for an Android of iOS-based VR experience, although these are thought to be less convicning than the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus HMDs that use high tech machines to power VR videogames. According to Bandit Six developer Climax Studios, Samsung's upcoming Gear VR HMD could change all that.

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traumadisaster1374d ago

I bought the first note day 1 and now I'm getting either the note4 or iphone6 I just can't decide. I want the vr gear to be big but I'm gun shy believing in peripherals after the move and kinect failure. Only thing I do is browse the net cause games just don't work for me on mobile.