Marin County, California is Trading Ice Cream for Violent Video Games. Here are 5 Better Ideas

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "Any deal that exists here is all but guaranteed to be better than getting screwed by trading in your games at GameStop. So here are some buyback strategies for products or for food that I think we should all totally get behind."

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prodg521372d ago

Games for guns... or is it guns for games?

mimbly1372d ago

Crazy liberal hippies. Lol :)

AgentSmithPS41372d ago

Yeah there's crazies on all sides, hopefully more people will realize that it takes a lot more work than pushing a button to elect people or giving ice cream for games to change things for the better.

AgentSmithPS41372d ago

California elected Arnold and now they're doing this, what a silly world we live in.

EdoubleD1372d ago

They're going all out aren't they?

EvilWay1372d ago

I would consider if I could trade my games in for drugs

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The story is too old to be commented.