Fanatical Five | 5 Indie Game Devs That Deserve Your Hard-Earned Money

As gaming technology moves forward, better game development tools become open to the general public. These days, anyone can develop an indie game with professional caliber tools, provided they put in the work needed. This is great because as AAA game budgets bloat and development cycles keep expanding, indie games are there to help fill the gap. At the same time though, there’s very little quality control on these titles. With indies coming more frequently than ever, it’s easy to be burned by poor purchases (see: The Letter). With that in mind, we’ve composed a list of five indie studios that have put out titles worth your hard earned money.

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joselito66991401d ago

Any indie game that plays like a retro doesn't deserve a dime, might as well get a SNES console instead

Loadedklip1401d ago

Unless it's a game in that old school style yet is still very much new like Shovel Knight, Gucuamelee and others.

These games expand on the old school style and give us NEW experiences in those genres.

PsylentKiller1401d ago

Play Pac-Man on the Atari 2600 and then play Pac-Man on the 360. Then come and talk to me about how much better it is on the Atari and I'll tell you that your crazy.

TongkatAli1401d ago

Ummmm, Hotline Miami is amazing.

PlebeGamer1401d ago

Shovel Knight brings improvements to the retro style, and it's better than every 8-bit game outside of Super Mario Bros. 3. Also, It's not like you're paying PS4 retail price for a retro styled game.

Personally, I got more enjoyment, dime for dime, from my purchase of Shovel Knight than I did most of the games released in the past two years.

Retro games come closer to the essence of game design than most games today because they don't try to blind people with their graphical prowess, talk of resolution, power, etc. If an 8-bit game sucks, there's no hiding it, so the developers need to know their stuff.

Loadedklip1401d ago

Agree ... Shovel Knight and Guacamelee are imo better than the vast majority of these big budgeted "AAA" published games.

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deafdani1401d ago

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