PlayStation Now Open Beta Comes to PS3 Today

By John Koller: "For a little more than a month, the PlayStation Now Open Beta has allowed PS4 users to quickly access and play games from a rich and expanding library of PS3 titles directly from our cloud servers, without the need to wait for game downloads, installs, or patches. I am happy to announce that the Open Beta will be available to PS3 users* in mainland U.S. and parts of Canada starting today"

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CerealKiller1545d ago

The service makes no sense why would you want to rent older games to stream when you can just purchase them for cheap.

badboyz091545d ago

Same reason people payed for Xbox Live on 360. When they could get the same service for free on PS3 with PSN?

CerealKiller1545d ago

This has nothing to do with Xbox Live it is a streaming rental service. It doesn't bring any value to the consumer when it is cheaper to buy the game outright.