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Tony Polanco at The Koalition writes:

If you know me then you know that I’m not a fan of first person shooters. I don’t like the fact that my character is essentially a floating gun and I have difficulty seeing what’s happening around me since the field of view is equal to that of a scuba mask. I’ve dabbled with games like BioShock, Blood Dragon and Portal 2, but I still held fast to my “I’m not an FPS fan” stance.

Then Destiny comes along and makes me enjoy the hell out of an FPS game. Way more than I thought I ever would.

So what is it about Destiny that’s captivated me so much? Why am I only getting a few hours of sleep at night? Why am I spending my waking hours either playing the game, thinking about playing it, or in this case, writing about it? Read on to find out, my friends.

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MrKennedy1223d ago Show
Fonzy1223d ago

Destiny seems bad ass! I just need to get it now!

jhhood1223d ago

Two things that make this game awesome is that I can play with friends and that the strikes and stuff are rather challenging.

Romudeth1223d ago

This is one of the best games released this year. Bungie has done it again.

slappy5081223d ago

A review score which reflects this game's awesomeness

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