PS3 XMB & Trophies, Xbox 360 Wii Miis - Is originality dead and buried?

With rumors of both the PS3 and Xbox 360 getting their own Wii Remote style controllers, and with Xbox Avatars and PS3 XMB and Trophies on the way, is it fair to say that originality is now dead and buried in the games industry?

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Montrealien3831d ago

Sounds like something would of read in 84, 94 or even 04. Originality is not dead, sh*t happens and people borrow from other people, same goes for music industry, car industry, movie industry. Once you innovate, people imitate, nothing new here folks...

iHEARTboobs3831d ago

And I also think that it's now easier to copy or imitate with certain things because of firmware updates and downloads which wasn't as big as last gen. I don't think originality is dead and buried, even if it seems to get to that point one day, one smart business will recognize that and blow us away with something new and cool.

Linzoid3831d ago

The idea of achievements was not created by Microsoft, loads of games had some kind of achievements system before Microsoft implemented them.

All Microsoft have done is taken achievements and unified them into a single system accross the board. So they have just improved an idea that already existed.

Something that Microsoft did that is quite impressive is cross game chat.

Tomdc3831d ago

y would we care if consoles copied? It means we can get all we want from one console rather than buying more!

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eddierivera3831d ago

I think that sharing technology is one of the best things about the game industry. It gives everyone the opourtunity to enjoy the same things that other games and systems have. Its a give and take relationship that is going to mould the gaming community together.

BrotherNick3831d ago

I wonder how you have one bubble, so I bubbled you.

juuken3831d ago

Giving you some as well.

Max Power3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

but there is only so many ways you can have in game communication, and i feel that all of which have been or will be utilized. Also if something is working really well for another company why not attempt to recreate that same success on your own product. I think it would suck if only Toyotas' had airbags because they were first ones to implement them into automobiles. (that may not be true, just made that up to prove a point.)

P.S. Bubbles up Eddie for your soild comment.

tojfs79313830d ago

Jealous of something that the 360 has had since day one? Sony is just playing catch up. Although doing a pretty darned good job of it.

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PSWe603831d ago

there has always been copying in this business. Originality isn't dead, this is progress. I just wish it wasn't so obvious...a Sony/M$ Wii remote, I mean com'on!

etownone3831d ago

it would be an add-on you jackazz, meaning no one will be forcing you to buy it like the way Sony forced blu-ray down your throat kid.

PSWe603831d ago

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user8586213831d ago


ermmmm next ur gona say sony forced dvd down our throat with the ps2 but hey look how that turned out :D

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PSWe603831d ago

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Xlll3831d ago

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etownone3831d ago

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Xlll3830d ago

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running rampid3831d ago

bubbles to all comments for BrotherNick as it has nothing to do with the topic lol. fact is that no industry would ever be able to evolve without taking ideas from another organisation.

BrotherNick3831d ago

What topic? Anyways I'm all for this, if they can make ideas better that's good for everyone.

kingOVsticks3831d ago

out spoken gamers want it xD if gamers didn't care about ingame xmb or trophies sony would have never given it a second thought and if gamers didn't care about personalized avatars microsift wouldn't have cared. you can blame yourselves before you can blame the developer on originality, i mean just look how many people want a ff7 remake it doesn't have to be different just needs a next gen graphics boost.

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