Mad Catz Rock Band Drums Revealed

The first ever pictures of the Mad Catz drums for Rock Band have been revealed along with the pictures, details, and release dates for other upcoming Mad Catz controllers and accessories for Rock Band.

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nice_cuppa3804d ago

im glad rockband was late to europe.
i will get gt world tour with the instruments and rockband on its own at the end of the year.

poopface13804d ago

they will probaly fall apart.

okcomputer3804d ago

I had a controller from madcatz way back in the day. It was a total piece of crap and I ended up just throwing it out. I've never bought any 3rd party hardware since then. I'd suggest anyone considering these to just go with the higher quality version.

poopface13803d ago

me and my friend were playing halo co-op and while he was using it the analog stick just broke off and was just hanging there.

The_Kills3804d ago

Never go for MadCatz...

I got a USB from them, and the end of the wire where its connected started ripping apart and the metal wiring started showing.

Like seriously how the heck do you mess up a USB..

chester3804d ago

i'll never buy any of them, but that tele looks gorgeous.

Peow3804d ago

MadCatz are still around? I guess too many parent's buy their crap because it's cheaper.

The only quality MadCatz thing I've gotten is the rumble pack for the DC. It surprisingly worked quite well. Apart from that MadCatz is horrible. The buttons are always wrong and they fall apart and break quickly.

swisslakes3801d ago

the changed to higher Quality products as their New company strategy, they also Acquired Saitek, Joytech and Ggameshark last year and just introduced a new Airdrives branded evolution earphones that is even sold on Apple Store.

going after the PC and Audio segments, have a look at the latest customers reviews sine 2nd half of 2007.

Madcatz Rockband accessories will have also mics, stands, Skinz, fender branded cases,etc

Also they have a deal with Coffin Case to come up with Stylish cases for Rock band and Guitar Hero.

visit their site and you will be surprised by the change.

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