Bloodborne: The Hunt Begins In Tokyo Game Show

Bloodborne is a fast action packed hacknslash from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and FromSoftware. It's blend of unique designs, transforming weapons and menacing enemies reminds us of great action inspired comic book games like Devil may Cry.

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janetmarrett111550d ago

This is one of the few games that really has me amped for next year.

nX1550d ago

This tops even Witcher and Dying Light for me, I love the Souls gameplay more than anything else. I just hope it has the same replayability that Demon's Souls had.

nucky641550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

miyazaki said at sony presser that the same team that made demon souls is working on bloodborne - so, they have that pedigree.

and I agree on bloodborne topping the list, although I'd have to make room at the top for uncharted4 too.
that new bloodborne really took my breath away.

medman1550d ago

I too am looking forward to Bloodborne, but there are many games of interest for me next year, including The Witcher 3, The Order, No Man's Sky, Uncharted, Arkham Knight, Rime, Wild, MGSV, The Division, Until Dawn, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Halo 5, Below, Star Wars Battlefront, .... I could go on, but I'm certainly excited for every one of those games, and more in 2015.

brettjones4941550d ago

DMC has to be one of my all time favorites. I can see this being added to the list too.

EdnaJones971550d ago

nice to see Miyazaki back,he was missed

nX1550d ago

Yes, Dark Souls 2 was a bit disappointing... like it was missing a soul (huehuehue)

bazinga_911550d ago

Aarrrrgh the wait is killing me.

nX1550d ago

Come on, did you expect this game so early? I was actually hoping that it would launch later and they polish it up to 120%.

bazinga_911550d ago

Yes I wasn't expecting it early but I want... Asap. :3

nucky641550d ago

miyazaki has said he and his team started work on bloodborne right after they finished the dark souls1 dlc - I think the game is going to have plenty of polish.

CocoWolfie1550d ago

i was listing what i liked about it but damn theres so much XD <3

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