Warriors Is An Amazing Tribute To Gamers By Riot Games and Imagine Dragons

Asidcast: Riot Games and Imagine Dragons teamed up to make an animated music video titled Warriors for the League of Legends World Championship 2014. And it’s by far, my most favourite gamer song ever till date. No joke. Having experience in music as well as being a self proclaimed semi-hardcore gamer, I just can’t stop fanboying about this incredible animated music video. It’s like, everything is perfect.

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Deathdeliverer1372d ago

When I saw this trailer the other day it got me hype as hell. Love Me some league! I like when the guy hovers his hand over "R". Nothing like unleashing an ultimate.

isarai1372d ago

Don't like or play MOBAs so i can't relate :/

karlowma1372d ago

Sadly, my competitive days are behind me, but this is a really cool song/video. From 13" TV's in your bedroom, to sold out sports arenas, gaming has come a long way.


TXIDarkAvenger1372d ago

So hyped for this years worlds.

r211371d ago

Good video, think its by the guys behind Tron Uprising