15 Minutes of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Reveals All Details

Check out 15 minutes of new gameplay from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and learn everything there is to know about the game before its September 30th release.

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joeyjoeyjoejoe1372d ago

Just found the two most anoying people on youtube! and most of this footage is old and unimpressive

Bathyj1372d ago

I friend of mine wants to make a YouTube video with me because he thinks we'd be funny. Man these two jerks just totally turned me off that.

OT game looks great.

FullmetalRoyale1372d ago

I've seen you post, and you don't come across as one of those types, the guys you are referring to. You should go for it.

Palitera1372d ago

Your comments made me want to see the video. Something tells me I'll regret it...

Septic1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Do it! I wanna see you raging in an Aussie accent lol. And besides, you can't be as annoying as me (apparently) lol:

Bathyj1372d ago

Ha. I take it you're on the right Septic?

I didn't know you were a famous internet troll.

Good video, but do you drink a lot of red bull? ;)

Septic1371d ago

Yeah that's me on the right lol. I do drink a lot of caffeine lol. Look at what I'm having now. Just finished some tea. Then coffee and now I have an energy drink to have next.

Bathyj1371d ago

Well it's working, you're entertaining. Good energy, so keep it up. ;). You had that guy on the ropes the whole time. Almost had me wanting an Xbox.

Septic1371d ago

Haha cheers for the kind words mate. He's not gonna be part of our crew any more though. I think I was too harsh on him :(

I need someone to replace him >.<

Bathyj1371d ago

Well I'm in Australia as you know, but if you want to fly me out... ;P

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URNightmare1372d ago

This game looks really good!

Harmonizer1372d ago

I'm sorry, but these guys sound like there's something stuck in their throats. I just can't take them seriously.

mafiahajeri1372d ago

Omg face palm at these guys.