Xbox One Exclusive D4 TGS Hands-On - I Can't Put My Arms Down | GR

"This game is entirely controlled via Kinect, which is a double-edged sword. Most actions are performed using the player's hand as a cursor to swipe, grab, or touch things. A few special points also require specific body motions like pulling back a fist or swinging a baseball bat, while canceling an action requires both hands. The physicality of the movement gave action sequences some oomph without requiring too much torso motion." -GR


The game can be worked with a controller, but the demo was Kinect-only. The booth attendant incorrectly said that the final product was also Kinect exclusive.

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knifefight1496d ago

Holding up your arms for a long time might not sound like a big deal, but there's a reason people don't walk around doing it. Those babies start to get tired as heck!

slate911496d ago

Ew its kinect only? :/

placiid1496d ago

i thought i read somewhere that you don't have to use kinect

ZeroX98761496d ago

yes. confirmed it is playable with a standard controller, so kinect is a choice.

equal_youth1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

oh no :( does this mean there is no way we can play this game the old controller way? i love this special swery style and i hoped they would make a great game based on what they archived before. Even the controls of deadly premonition where totally messed up and i got trough it. But i am not a fan of motion gaming (mostly i dont like kinect because it gives me no feedback on what i am doing) so i might try this for the 14.99 but i may only finish it when it is a short game.

Edit: ZeroX9876 thanks. I am kind of relieved now.

jznrpg1496d ago

It sounds that.over time you would want to use the controller over kinect, or just forgo Kinect all together.

2cents1496d ago

Its a Kinect game that will also work with a controller. But the initial and primary way to play is with Kinect. This could help Kinect if its good.

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