Ryse PC in 3840x2160

Crytek releases the first batch of 4k screenshots showing the beauty of the game in 3840x2160.

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mmj1397d ago

I would rather they improve the simplistic repetitive gameplay.

ramiuk11397d ago

although i agree the controls were boring,i enjoyed the time i spent on it and it looked great until i put it on my projector(106" 1080p and it looked blurry,but on my 47" it looked really good.

4k is just madness but do we knowwhat pc is needed to run it at that?

ps4 gamer by way

methegreatone1397d ago

Yeah, its a real pity how the gameplay turned out.
Just look at their first 2 crysis games - Talk about complex and fun gameplay mechanics. Don't understand why they went this way with Ryse.

fullmetal2971397d ago

I agree. I am not spending 60 dollars on series of quick time events =P

starchild1397d ago

Nah, you're just hating on the game because it looks amazing and it isn't on your PS4. The gameplay is decent enough from what I played and the story is good and the presentation is outstanding.

mmj1393d ago

PC is my primary platform and I won't be touching this with a barge pole.

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SniperControl1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Ryse was never a bad looking game and looks even better on PC, just very dull to play.

A Steam sale pick for £5 for sure.

Perjoss1397d ago

Will be the highest resolution quick time events in gaming history!