Is Pokemon Stuck In A Rut?

Many of us have played Pokémon at some point in our lives. For some of us Pokémon is our lives, but which of us would not admit that Pokémon has been getting a little stale as of late. For some the downhill descent started when the series started to regurgitate itself and produce remakes rather than innovate...

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kingdip901371d ago

Gen 1 had a pokemon called muk who was literally an alive bunch of filth...

Klefki is not evidence of being stuck in a rut. Pokemon has always had mons that are not all that inspired.

bequietdrive1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I think the difference is that MUK (mud) and Koffing (gas) are natural things, Pokémon designed after man made things like keys, swords and gears are a lot harder to swallow.

kingdip901368d ago

Mr mime, magnemite, pyrogon...

Nati1c1371d ago

Honestly Pokemon is ok and they did waaaayyy better than before with the graphics but I wish they didnt make retardid Pokemon that nobody would use and it's useless to have them in the game and hopefully they'll make new and better pokemon in Ruby and Sapphire

PhoenixRising371368d ago

either make new, good pokemon like you said or make the useless pokemon viable in OU. i want to see flygon and mightyena get stat boosts as well as absol. absol's mega did it no justice.