Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Gameplay - TGS 2014

Get a look at Soccer on the PS4. Is it a goal or a foul? You decide.

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mafiahajeri1369d ago

The demo was soooo bad "the pitch is ours" LOL!

DJStotty1368d ago

Better than "feel the game" or wow look at how detailed the grass is but our mechanics are still dog chod

URNightmare1369d ago

Looks pretty good. I hope this controls better and is more detailed than what I've played of Fifa15.

DJStotty1368d ago

After the shower of cow dung fifa 14 online in clubs/ultimate team I'm giving this game a chance this year and skipping fifa 15 unless they fix the problems that were in 14. If they do fair play I'll get both