Horizon: Being the next big thing could be terrible for the game

MWEB GameZone Writes: "The first details on Horizon, Guerrilla Games’, new exclusive game for the PlayStation 4, was leaked yesterday.

It quickly became evident that the game is now The Thing on the collective mind of the gaming community. Being the next big thing could however be terrible for Horizon, as the leaked information causing the hype can negatively impact the game."

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plut0nash1399d ago

Guerrilla games is one of my favourite devs. Killzone 2 and 3 are such great FPS games. I'm waiting for the gameplay vids though.

Sillicur1399d ago

Yeh, Guerilla Games has some very talented developers. I hope they can achieve their vision for the game and not be hindered by the amount of hype that surrounds it!

plut0nash1399d ago

The better a game looks the more likely it'll be hyped up, and Horizon might suffer. In any case it's new IP and there's no reason this game shouldn't be solid.

bouzebbal1399d ago

the way it has been leaking and the info we know about it can only make me hyped for this game. Everything we hear and see is refreshing and appealing!
There is nothing wrong in being hyped for a game, the problem is when developers promise too much and things turn out lame or déjà vu.
If they do it The Last of Us-like in terms of communication with media and fans they might end up with something great.

Eonjay1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Is this a doom article for a game that hasn't been announced yet? Classic internet. Please just give it a rest.

MrSec841399d ago

@plut0nash I agree with you on the whole point that this should be a solid game, GG are a very well established developer, with a lot of talent. For this project they even hired the writer of Fallout New Vegas.

The title's already had well over 3 years in development, so I doubt it's far from a polished state at this point.
I wouldn't be shocked if these leaks weren't from Guerrilla Games themselves to see how people react to the concept.

I for one love the premise and the style of the artwork, very much hope they can translate those designs well into the final game.

MrPink20131399d ago

Eonjay this isn't a doom article at all. They are just saying not to overhype it like many other games have been because expectations become almost impossible for past games like Destin to reach.

Regardless I'm still excited anytime I see a new game, especially done by a well known development team like Guerrilla. I think this is why both Nintendo and Microsoft get called out on. They simply rely too much on familiar franchises and Sony is known to green light new games more so.

ABizzel11398d ago

They are very talented with their technology, and finally they've hired a professional writer, so their biggest flaw with most of their games will hopefully be answered "A GREAT STORY"

I'm excited about the game, but I'm not getting my hype levels up, because it's much too soon. I'm hoping for the best for Guerilla because this game should like open-world Turok with Dinobots, set in future/past and just feels like something completely new which has been lacking for a while during the end of last-gen, and so far this gen.

nX1398d ago

If this game turns out as good as the leaks suggest we'll have a serious GOTY contender already. I can't wait to see what they've been working on all those years, I love completely new concepts like this.

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Grell5661399d ago

No. NO!! Killzone 2 and 3 are horrible games.

isa_scout1399d ago

What? Killzone 2 and 3 were the best games in the series....ShadowFalls campaign was a bit of a letdown compared to 2 and 3 but the multiplayer is very solid.

MrPink20131399d ago

Killzone 2 was great, the others not so much.

HanCilliers1399d ago

I don't think the leak is going to really damage the game, not at this stage. It creates interest and something cool to talk about. It also gives the devs an idea what the fans like. Hype becomes a problem later on, if a dev pushes something which they know the game won't deliver - that could damage the game.

Sillicur1399d ago

Well said, but do you think the hype could affect the way the developers go about adding systems or changing parts of their vision for the game during the developmental process?

HanCilliers1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

As I said, it gives the devs an indication of what fans would like..

plut0nash1399d ago

There's no guarantee anything will be brilliant after release. Destiny had the addiction factor but failed to live up to expectations. The only game that really delivered for me was Dark Souls II.

Sillicur1399d ago

Ah yes, Dark Souls 2 did live up for me as well. I was so worried the developers would make the game easier to pull in the masses, but they had the courage to stick to their guns :)

SonZeRo1399d ago

I'm not gonna get into hype for any games that i am not 100% sure im going to be buying anyways anymore. I'll wait for it to release check some gameplay videos and decide from there.

Sillicur1399d ago

Agreed, though even gameplay videos might be misleading at times. This is the day and age of gaming we live in unfortunately :(

BitbyDeath1399d ago

I'm hyped for it because it looks like it is trying to do something different. 3rd person not focused on shooting, large open world and robot dinosaurs is not something you often/ever see in gaming.

So many games this gen are starting to try something new, this might just be the best gen for gaming ever.

WiLD, Horizon, No Man's Sky, horror games are finally back after only having like one? last gen on consoles. (Siren) Oh and Until Dawn which is in the interactive drama genre.

MrSec841399d ago

I totally agree, it does feel like a really good time to be a gamer, especially on PS4.

I can imagine myself spending ages in the world WiLD has to offer, if Horizon has a huge environment I'd love to explore it.

People have forgotten that the hardware in the newer platforms allows for much better physics, which is where the game changing aspect of the generation will come in and that has a real effect on gameplay, it's not that the hardware is just there to make games look even prettier, though that does help to draw you into these more fantastical universes.

I can't wait to see more about all of those games you mentioned, along with Rime, Bloodborne, Uncharted and the surprises developers are cooking up all around.

Remy_Chaos1399d ago

Wonderful... way to encourage Xbox fanatics to truly begin downplaying.

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