This Is How People Are Playing Onechanbara Z2 At TGS

"At Tokyo Game Show, CERO Z games have to be played behind a closed curtain at the bare minimum, since they’re “over 18” games. Typically, publishers close off an area for CERO Z games. "

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DevilOgreFish1161d ago

well, i know one things for sure, only two at a time can play.

sonic9891161d ago

Dat imagination man couldnt stop laughing.

Bhuahahaha1160d ago

darn you caught me red handed

dark-kyon1160d ago

based japan,don't give a damm,this is soo ludicrous and wtf what if someone is offended is your fault for being closed minded and too serius.

Cryptcuzz1160d ago

I agree, this is funny and to those anal about all these sexism in gaming lately, Japan says "F" them, because they have no sense of humor.

Would be more funny if they had a third kiosk in between the cleavage, so it appears the one playing is motorboating.