Bloodborne TGS Trailer Analysis; New Weapons and Plenty of Surprises

Junkie Monkeys: Along with the large flood of Bloodborne information being released online from TGS 2014, out came a brand new trailer. We’re here with an analysis on everything you may have missed in a trailer that shows off new weapons, new gear, and has plenty of surprises.

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Ballsack1546d ago

Sony better market this aggressively

This is a system seller

chrissx1546d ago

This game just keeps getting better and better

ps4fanboy1546d ago

Sony, back to the good old days, big time.

equal_youth1546d ago

Wow. i haven't seen this trailer until now and just wow... i want it now. So great that they shoved the coop part. Until march there can't be any other game that gets me that hyped. And i feel as this game will definitely deliver. From now on i will watching anything that has to do with it.