Wii U Exclusive Game Zombi U Now Available For A Really Low Price On BestBuy

Zombi U, the Wii U exclusive survival horror game developed by Ubisoft, is now available for a very low price on Best Buy.

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obmas1223d ago

it's not even worth $5

Neonridr1222d ago

it most absolutely is. Was a great game. Just because the graphics weren't uber next gen or anything like that doesn't mean that the game was actually really well done.

Many Wii U owners played and loved this game, and that was even at full price.

Summons751222d ago

actually not many liked it. For a game that is focused on combat and defending yourself the controls were pretty bad, swing cricket bat and watch the way too much of a delay swing with a grunt after EACH SWING. It's like they were going for the delay castlevania games have except for the fact castlevania teaches you to work with the delay not have uber faster zombies running at you from all directions and you can only hit one at a time.

It was an AMAZING concept and a great trial run for a game that won't ever come out now.

Neonridr1222d ago

well most of the Wii U owners I have spoke with on this site enjoyed the game for what it was. Was it perfect? far from it, there was tons that could have been improved. But I felt it did the survival part very well and the game had some very unsettling moments. Atmosphere was very well done in this game.

Loadedklip1222d ago

Fantastic concept ... poor execution.

Not just in it's first year 360 level graphics but also in it's variety in the gameplay.

If they kept this game under development for one more year and on a more powerful game engine, it could have been something truly special.


gleepot1222d ago

I got the game day one and loved every second of it. It was unique and suspenseful. I'd gladly pay $5 for it.

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2pacalypsenow1222d ago

I bought it at best buy when it was 9.99 and I can say it was worth it

frezhblunts1222d ago

Challenging game, good if you like zombie survival not an all out shoot em up. Still ubisoft sucks as a company towards their nintendo fans.

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