Metal Gear Solid 5 Story And Gameplay Details: Snake Primises to Kill [Slight Spoiler]

Tons of new details revealed at TGS 2014.


I've updated the title to remove the spoiler element. I'm also about to mark comments talking about it as spam to prevent others from being spoiled by the comments. Only click through if you want to have something slightly spoiled for you that involves Snake saying he's going to kill someone specific. People posting the spoiler info below after this may receive a restriction for posting spoiler information. ~cgoodno

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domford19811553d ago

Damn, all these spoilers : ( why'd you have to put that in the title?

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christian hour1552d ago

Just cos he says he'll do it if the time comes doesn't mean he'll have to. I'm sure at some point Quiet will prove herself trustworthy and it's just a tension point in the game. I'm sure quiet will die, as past MGS's have thought us, female warrior characters tend to drop like flies while emmerich hides in a locker and cries/wets himself into a false sense of security :)

But I doubt it will be at the hands of the boss, definitely gonna get taken out in some dramatic set piece shortly after she's earned the groups trust.

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Clown_Syndr0me1552d ago

Thanks for the spoiler in the title! Cant even scroll down N4G without spoilers!
Some people like myself go total blackout on games they are looking forward to, so please refrain from posting spoilers in titles!!

hkgamer1552d ago

i agree, however you should expect things in headlines when its tgs, e3 gamescom etc...

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The story is too old to be commented.