PES 2015 Official Trailer

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 official gameplay trailer is here to watch.

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Speak_da_Truth1521d ago

This got me pumped I can't wait for that demo to finally come to NA.

extravalue1521d ago

im in ny and im downloading it now
just set up a hong kong psn account

if you have ps4

ramiuk11520d ago

no demo in UK on ps4 :(

Rocky51520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

If on XB1 just change your market place to Hong Kong start the download & switch back to your normal region.

I had a go & uninstalled it, same as last years, clunky & I did not like the game pushing me In directions I did not want to go in. (once a through pass was made I had no control over the player running onto the ball, super cancel done nothing)

But that's just my opinion, others may love the game.

This will be the first PES game I don't make a converter for. (PC/PS3 to Xbox kit/emblems converter)

1nsomniac1521d ago

It looks epic but word from people who have downloaded it from HK PSN is that it doesn't play very well at all.

I'm playing devils advocate though & calling these out as FIFA fanboys as they say the reason is it's extremely unresponsive & how Konami have plugged the responsiveness as this years huge selling point I'm calling BS.

It could always be a bug though which could be the reason why the demo was delayed at the last minute for all other countries.

Looking forward to checking it out myself though.

mafiahajeri1520d ago

It's pretty bad, rubish ball physics, bad kicking. Same old problems...

nfl1520d ago

It looked promising saying they would do the demo week before fifa release. Considering we need to wait 2 months, i thought they were confident to compete and make people wait. The delay in demo now has me concerned for them. Could be the year of fifa again. Unless a late demo is going to blow our minds, this will be fifas year.