Different Levels of Caring: Xbox and Sony vs Nintendo

From GamesReviews:

"The current generation is made up of three consoles, with each console doing its best to steal sales and finish number one month after month. Different levels of 'trying' are required. Sony and the PS4 are getting sales regardless of what they do; many of Sony's new following have been swayed by statements (not always necessarily true) made about its number one competitor, Microsoft's Xbox One. Microsoft has more work to do than Sony, although almost completely abandoning Kinect has done wonders for their sales numbers. With a number of high profile releases coming up, Microsoft will be doing just fine come Holiday 2014. Nintendo, on the other hand, lags behind the competition, despite offering quality titles and recently working hard to market their products."

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MSBAUSTX1217d ago

I still do not understand this notion of Nintendo is lagging behind. It has sold 2 million more consoles than XB1, has sold more than 10 MILLION MORE COPIES OF SOFTWARE, and hasnt even released its heavy hitters yet. XB1 sales got better this past week but only marginally considering it released in more countries recently and destiny came out, a game almost 2/3 of its players are on PS4. Software sales speak volumes IMO.

If you have only sold 2 million more consoles than another but are selling 5 games to 1 in that 2 million lead, YOU ARE NOT LAGGING BEHIND. Even if you want to claim it had a one year head start, thats fine. A head start still puts you IN THE LEAD MORON. If you combine PS4 software sales at around 26 million and Wii U software sales around 27 million that puts you at approximately 53 million copies of games sold. XB1 has sold about 17 million copies of software.

So, say what you will but people are playing their Wii Us and PS4s a hell of alot more than the XB1 which means that, based on its game sales, XB1 is lagging behind. This is a statistic that Ubisoft might want to look at a little closer when it comes to video game production.

Before the haters start bashing me and calling me a fanboy, Im not. I own all three consoles. I play the Wii U the most because of how many games it has, but I play the others as well. I am not happy with my XB1 at all though. The freaking Kinect broke after two months and I dont even use it. Still waiting for my new one to come in the mail a month later.

So I give all consoles a fair try. Nothing on my PS4 has broken yet and my almost two year old Wii U hasnt even had a single glitch. There are the facts. Hell my orriginal Gamecube and PS1 still work but I had 3 XBOX 360s go red ring of death and quit working. See a pattern people? Good day.

pompous1217d ago

Why would Ubisoft look at that statistic? It's beeen proven over and over that 3rd party doesn't sell on Wii u. And Ubisoft has looked at that statistic and that's the reason why they are pretty much done releasing games on Wii u. Doesn't matter if it has more software sales than Xbox, it's already shown that 3rd party sells better on Xbox than Wii u regardless of consol sales. I see MS putting more effort than Nintendo.

SteamPowered1217d ago

A big factor why 3rd party games dont sell is the timing. Nintendo always gets dealt last. Watchdogs makes a good example.

wonderfulmonkeyman1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Yacht Club Games would like to call you out on that bullsh*t blanket statement, because Shovel Knight sold fantastic on Wii U.
Heck, Zombi U sold 700k off of a comparatively tiny install base, and it wasn't even that great a game!
The right kind of third party games do sell on wii u.
It's the gimped multiplats that don't sell, and they also do harm to the sales of the few good exclusives on the system by harming consumer trust in third party multiplats.

iplay1up21217d ago

Uh, Ray man sold better on Wii U the first month with a much smaller install base.

R00bot1217d ago

The reason the publishers like Ubisoft aren't making games for the Wii U is because Nintendo aren't paying them to make games for the Wii U, otherwise the Xbox One would be the console with no third party games.

MSBAUSTX1217d ago

And why should Nintendo pay them to make games for their console when the Ubisoft titles have been poorly poted with no post launch support or proper DLC. Plus Nintendo makes better quality games themselves anyway. I wouldnt pay them either. Besides, Bayonetta and Devils third are going to be more fun anyway.

DualWielding1217d ago

no.. PS4 and XBONE only pay for exclusives/timed exclusivity/exclusive DLC whatever, but not to get the games themselves...... Microsoft payed early in the previous gen to get some Japanese games ported to 360 but they don't even do that anymore.... if a game is coming to both PS4 and Xbone, neither Sony, nor Microsoft has paid the third party..... If a Japanese game is coming only to PS4 it is also likely that Sony has not paid the third party either

jrshankill1217d ago

It's only a matter of time though.

Nintendo's promotional work here in Europe has been absolutely abysmal. I was actually shocked to learn Hyrule Warriors is released tomorrow here in the UK... I thought it was still months away. Not a single advertisement in any multiplatform game magazines, no TV promo time... nothing. Even the first week sales of Hyrule Warriors has been woeful in Japan.. 57% of it's initial shipment.

AdamRoffel1217d ago

Ya, fellow GamesReview employee told me Nintendo in Europe is not the greatest. In Canada and the US, their promotional stuff is off the charts in the last year!

AdamRoffel1217d ago

I agree with you to a point, although your logic is a bit odd. Yes, a year head start DOES mean something, especially when you need to cut your forecasted sales fairly significantly.

While you claim that Nintendo has yet to release its heavy hitters, I would like you to explain what exactly New Super Mario Bros U, Super Mario 3D World, and Mario Kart 8 are?

I would argue more so that Xbox has yet to release its heavy hitters. Wait until Forza Horizon 2, Halo 5 and Master Chief collection launch, and may be then we will revisit this conversation.

Ubisoft's statements were not that Wii U had no fanbase. It was that people DO NOT buy their titles on the Wii U. Are you telling me that since you own all three consoles, and IF AC: Unity was available on Wii U, that you would buy that version over PS4 or Xbox One?

August NPD Numbers: No Mario Kart 8 in the top 10; Michael Pachter: PS4 170,00, Xbox One 150,000, Wii U "A distant 3rd"

I love my Wii U, but I know of the three, it has the biggest uphill climb.

wonderfulmonkeyman1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

The head start doesn't mean as much as some want to think, though, and that's Nintendo's fault.

Because Nintendo neglected to have more big first party games ready for launch and left its opening volley of games up to third party multiplats that weren't significantly improved compared to their cousins on other systems, the sales of the console, after the typical early adopter boost, dropped so significantly and stayed so for so long, that I argue it literally negated any advantage releasing early gave to it, sales-wise.
The first year counted for nothing, thus it's not why the console is currently doing so well.

Out of the games you listed, only Mario Kart 8 is considered a true heavy hitter, as a general consensus, though 3D World did pass the 1m Mark.

And as for Ubisoft, they've got no one to blame but themselves for the way all this turned out for their games on the system.
Zombi U even managed around 700k on a small install base, and it didn't cost much for them since it was just a retooled version of a game that was originally going to be about aliens, on ps3/360, yet that still wasn't good enough for their high and mighty standards, so they proceeded to pay far less care to their games on wii u as a result.
The fans saw this lack of care, and stopped caring in return.

MSBAUSTX1217d ago

Those are all mario titles. Lets look at the list of heavy hitters. Mario, Legend Of Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid, Yoshi, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Smash Bros. The biggest of those being Mario, DK Smash and LOZ. So far only 2 of the total 8 have been relead. That would mean they havent released all of their heavy Hitters.

We have 4 different themed mario games for the Wii U: Mario Kart, New Mario Bros U, Luigi Bros U, and 3D World. All great but there are millions of people waiting for a full fledged LOZ, Metroid, And Star Fox game. Those should have been released instead of a new Pikmin or DK platformer. That doesnt mean those games arent good, but I have never seen a forum or discussion about how much Nintendo gamers are wishing there was a new Pikmin or DK game. Countless forums about the others I listed.

So, no they have not released their heavy hitters yet. Mario Kart is the only game so far that NOTICABLY sold systems. As for the question of which system to purchase an Ubisoft game on I own AC 3 and 4, obviously Zombi U, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

So yes, I have done my part to support the games in the past. Both AC 3 and 4 were graphically very good on the Wii U I thought but full of glutches and bug that are still not fixed, like people walking 6 feet off the ground in some cities. Ubisoft said that they wanted more of an install base initially. They changed their tone when people proved it has more of one than XB1 did. The difference is that Ubisoft treats its games on Wii U like crap.

You add that with the fact that Rayman was supposed to be exclusive to Wii U and then delayed and released on all platforms and you have lost my faith and business.

The august numbers for the systems is one month among many where Wii U has been beating XB1. Believe me though, I will be playing Master Chief Collection but over 65 percent of the console market goes to PS4 for 3rd party games. XB1 has very few exclusives and they havent been selling as well as other cosole exclusives.

You also spoke of XB1 exclusives and mentioned Forza Horizon, MCC and Halo 5. Those are indeed great exclusives but that is only 3 to Ninty's 7 or 8 coming out within the same time frame. Not to mention a Forza was provided at launch. So it has already used that one up. Halo MCC and 5 will sell consoles. But has anyone seen anything of Gears yet? No.

Anyway, I am sure I have talked enough. The entire point of this is that Nintendo isnt lagging behind. You can not be lagging behind if you have sold more copies of your console and more than 10 million copies of games for that console. That is the cold hard truth.

Bubbamilk1217d ago

I would buy unity on my wii u for off tv play alone. I actually did choose black flag on wii u instead of my ps4.

Nintendo is going after the core gamer again so in a sense they haven't brought their heavy hitters yet, although I see ur point and do agree most people want Mario kart.

Titles that were announced around launch still haven't released mainly bayo 2 and xenoblade x, which both look amazing and have a lot of positive hype behind them.

I consider a true 3d Mario and Zelda to be the real "core" heavy hitters. Or at least I know they are the only games nowadays that I get truly exited about.

But u are still right and I agree with most of what u said. Except the last part too. I think Nintendo is in a much better place then most gamers want to admit. The majority of their software sales are first part so it all goes straight to the bank, and the next couple of years looks freaking amazing. It is a great time to own a wii u, and people will start to notice.

N4g_null1217d ago

The biggest thing nintendo has to over come is the mis-education of the wiiu perceived power. I believe this has always been nintendo issue.

You are right some heavy hitters are out. They should be selling better simply because they are good. Yet many still hold on to the idea that the system is weak. There is a huge opportunity for a 3rd party to show that it isn't. Mad studios, retro, the zelda team, and the unity3d team are all working on that. It's going to take art mostly though.

Rare or factor 5 use to fill these shoes. I believe that crytek could make huge waves offering unity3d a challenge on the wiiu and getting some great indie games.

Then there is the handheld console questions. Should they even make the handheld more powerful or will they be able to shrink the soc and provide a cheaper price? People want the system yet some want it cheaper. Or can they keep improving the api so that developers are provided a better means of showcasing the hardware.

I believe all 3 are racing to do the later. No one is coding to the metal yet. Middle still hasn't embraced gpgpu fully yet. That will be the biggest accomplishment this gen. Mastering gpgpu engines.

It could be just a waiting game also. Gamers are getting hype burn early this gen. Power does not create a good game yet it does give a developer something to hide behind.

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iplay1up21217d ago

Agreed, I have Wii U/PS4. I play Wii U more. All of the games I own for Wii U are top notch, in terms of gameplay. As far as glitches go, I have to say my Wii U has been freezing up sometimes using Netflix/YouTube. Never had that happen till the last update. None yet on my PS4.

Also I still have an original nes, and it still works...:)

superchiller1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

@MSBAUSTX: Wow you're really trying hard to shore up the failing Wii U, aren't you? Well it's very easy to understand why the Wii U is failing: Nintendo gambled (once again) that a gimmick tied to cheap hardware would reel people in, but this time it didn't work.

They hit gold with the Wii (which died years ago when the fad fizzled), but they used the same exact approach with Wii U, just with a different gimmick. They poured most of the console's resources into just the controller (gamepad), leaving very little left for the Wii U console itself. Once people realized that all the Wii U had to offer was the gamepad, and the console was unable to even match it's last-gen competition (PS3/360), sales flagged. There have been occasional bumps when new games were released, but in the long run the Wii U is just going to fizzle, with a smattering of first party games and not much else.

Anyone serious about gaming will stick with the PS4 or XBox One, both of which offer far more robust specs and features, and both of which have a much longer life ahead of them. If you buy into Wii U at this point, you're buying into an obsolete, soon-to-be-forgotten ecosystem. Not worth it at all.

Digimortal1217d ago

I wouldn't be to sure about that. With 3rd parties itself getting worse and worse each year (not all but a lot of them) The Wii U is the only console I own at the moment. Next year Ill be getting an xbox one and PS4 near the end of this gen. Nintendo is creating its own Ecosystem which is perfectly fine. Nintendo is getting there own games. So owning a Wii U/Xbox One or PS4 is the best choice outside of Wii U/PC gamers. So the Wii U will have its value among gamers who enjoy all areas of gaming and not just stick to one brand and call it a day.

marloc_x1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Gotta love an underdog.

I look forward to your back peddling over the next year schiller..

MrPink20131217d ago

The level of support from outside publishers dictate the wealth of a platform and Nintendo has proven they only care about themselves. They don't model their hardware or their services from any outside input. Nintendo would rather run the company into the ground than to listen to outside sources suggesting what they should do.

So because of this history of not working well with third party publishers from the early days they have created this stigma that only Nintendo software will sell Nintendo hardware. At least in consoles.

Nintendo has fallen behind in hardware technology, they have fallen behind in online gaming and by the looks of it have fallen WAY behind in software support.

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Tales RPG addict1217d ago

Levels of caring

PS4: Strong
Wii U: Strong

Xbox One: Not a single care about that system.

DualWielding1217d ago

I don't get how Nintendo fanboys convince themselves that Nintendo cares about them more than other companies.... all companies are bad but Nintendo is the most anticonsumer of all:

Only one that still regions lock (not a big deal for you if you live in the U.S but big issue for one)

The only one that does not allow you to redownload games in a different you can loss hundreds in digital games in one second if your 3ds is loss or stolen

the only company who feels they have a right to decide what their customers should or should not play and ban a game because of religious content (binding of isaac)

the only one that overprices game permanently never offering decent sales

the only one that still requires you to purchase and hyperexpensive and unnecssary peripheral with the console (of course, so you can pay them extra to buy the controller you actually want to play with)

MrPink20131217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

But they are the only ones of the main three not charging for online play. I know they can't compete in this area. They are also the only ones to never charge $400 or more for a game console that I am aware of. I think $350 was their highest.

N4g_null1217d ago

The price of their games is based on value by consumers. Try finding trade in for their good games. Also there are tons of sales on the eshop. Oh and about games and redownloading. They have a method for this. If you get another console they can switch your games over to it.

Also the account system where you pay once and play on any console or handheld they make is coming.

If the wiiu setup is unnecessary to you then I guess you will like the handheld version of this console better. The game pad is no longer a gimmick because it is the system then. Unfortunately this maybe more expensive and they could be holding off on it for that reason.

They paid for bayo2 um mm that has some Seriously disturbing things in it and Issac just seemed depressing. Plus it isn't abut nintendo caring about us it is Nintendo caring about game play affordable hardware over pr are tech fluffing.

If sony cared so much about you then what happened to free online? Why is move support in the dumpster and why are they making vr with no reason to buy it coming from sony. Why do they have a camera and not support it? Sony is the king of here is a gimmick buy it and watch it die.

Truthfully the ps4 is being bought off of the idea that it is way more power yet it is marginally more powerful and 3rd party is going to flock to it simply because everyone bought it off that perception. This doesn't mean that 3rd parties will even use that power. The ports prove that much along. Pc gamers suffer from the same thing.