Hyrule Warriors - first screenshots of the new playable characters, DLC details

Koei Tecmo has released first screenshots of the newly revealed playable characters for Hyrule Warriors.

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DarkBlood1374d ago

Does anyone know what 3000 yens translate to in Canadian/U.S dollars?

admiralvic1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

$30 more or less.

gameslayer24111374d ago

I just know, that with that majoras mask pack, Skull Kid will be a playable character....I just know it!

Gravity_DoGG1374d ago

Damn. pic looked like MewTwo really quick :(

Kalebninja1374d ago

new dlc = mailman, tingle, and majora or mm link who changes masks to fight

Digimortal1374d ago

Nintendo of America already said the DLC pass in 20 bucks.