Lawrence reviews MGS4 - 10/10

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the most "complete" game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It's one of the only times I've finished a game and was able to sit back and honestly think "there's not a single thing I would have changed about that." Perfection is not a word I throw around lightly, but I'll apply it to MGS4. Every single aspect of the game shines, and it's clear the development team truly cared about giving their fans a final chapter this legendary series deserves. There are moments (especially in the final few hours) in which you'll become completely lost in the game, almost forgetting you've got a controller in your hand. It's the absolute pinnacle of gaming as a form of entertainment, and raises the entire medium to a level of art never seen before.

Graphics: 10.0
Sound: 10.0
First Play: 10.0
Replay Value: 10.0
Gameplay: 10.0

Overall: 10.0

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Rikitatsu3833d ago

I can't believe some people gave it 8 !!!

LeSouteneur3833d ago

No matter how fantastic I think this game is. I'd give it more than a 10. And great news by the way!

The Wood3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

but some people don't like mangoes..

how can anybody not love mango

CViper3833d ago

But there were no good reasons in the 8's. It was all nitpicking and people complaining about stuff that is part of the metal gear world.

Anyone who is a fan of gaming will find that there is no comparable experience available. The game is over the top with detail/gameplay/story. Its insane.

The graphics are second to none in the console market. The controls are butter smooth, and the game play is varied and balanced. There is no point at to which I found the gameplay repetitive.

I'm sorry but sites that give this game an 8, then give Halo3 and GTA4 a 10, really aren't credible at all anymore. Yea its an opinion, but you cant be a gamer and ignore what innovation and bar raising that is present in MGS4 you are just trying to drive hits to your site, or you just aren't the type of gamer that I am.

Hell, even Gamespot turned around for this one.

All of MGS4's praise is completely deserved. And the amazing thing is that it wasn't as heavily advertised as most games that receive 10s.

Ben10543832d ago

more 10/10 to push the meta score up, about 10 more 10/10s should do it

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resistance1003833d ago

So with this review and the one which is pending (needs editing before it will be approved) that makes 45 perfect scores for MGS4, and i agree with everyone of them

kingOVsticks3833d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I don't mind the 8's if they were justified I have yet to read a review that justified the low score. No graphical flaws,no gameplay flaws,no bugs,no frame rate drops nothing. I have also have yet talked to,met,or heard a gamer that thinks its a 8 unless they just didn't play it.Long cutscenes and installs tells me nothing of how the game is lacking. I honestly believe the 8 came from sony/konami bias reviewers or people who are not into the genre or the series.

edit:on top of that the I have a problem with websites or reviewers that give games riddle with flaws perfect scores(gta/halo) but a game that has almost no flaws they nitpick at things the average gamer wouldn't notice or care about(broken bottle physicso.0).If you go into a game looking for something wrong your going to find something wrong.

PoSTedUP3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

you know its a good game when you go back to play other levels/bosses even when you haven't beaten the game yet. didnt start act 5 yet and my total playing time is 28:37:56 : P

EDIT: thanks for the disagree : ) only haters.. : )

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