FIFA 15: EA Access subscribers (Xbox One) can play the full game today

If you’re a member of EA Access you can download FIFA 15 on Xbox One and play it from today, Thursday, September 18.

And that’s the full game, not a measly demo. There is one catch though – you can only play for six hours.

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Snookies121067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

...Only if you pay.

Wikkid6661066d ago

Free if you have EA Access.

Foehammer1067d ago

EA Access is definitely worth the $30 per year

Immorals1066d ago

Thanks, but no thanks. Sport games will just get ignored on my access account.

redknight801066d ago

Hahaha, oh man...I was about to be so jealous of X1 and EA Access owners...but only 6hrs, eh? That is pretty lame, a bit cool though...but mostly lame.

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