Sega Releases TGS Trailer for Upcoming RPG 'The World End Eclipse'

Hardcore Gamer: A new trailer has just been released a trailer for The World Ends Eclipse.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1465d ago

Guessing this is Japan only since it isn't 'Sonic:The World End Eclipse" right?

TongkatAli1465d ago

I agreed because you made me laugh, but I think this has a good chance because it's on smartphones, we'll see.

blackblades1464d ago

I think it will, I seen english text in the game, and they have atlus. Also wasn't there another rpg from sega thats coming state side.

reaper6021465d ago

So Sega will the western market get this or will we be left out in the cold yet again?

MSBAUSTX1464d ago

At least it is coming to Vita and PC. I refuse to play games on my phone. All they do is track your location and burn up your memory in the back ground. Ready to see some gameplay though.