Deep Down TGS 2014 trailer, screenshots

"The free-to-play PlayStation 4 dungeon RPG is still without a release date. It is set in 2094 New York City, and sees players reading the memories objects to see their pasts and traverse dungeons."

View a new set of screenshots at the Gematsu gallery.

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Relientk771550d ago

I love what I'm seeing from Deep Down

can't wait til this one comes out

MightyNoX1550d ago

Serious contender for best next-gen graphics prize.

Septic1550d ago

Really? I wouldn't give it that. The Order is the one for me.

joab7771550d ago

I can't even believe what I am seeing.

Now let's lobby to make it a regular $60 games, and not some nickel and dime thing that will cost $30/month to play.

dcj05241550d ago

Wut? It's free to play. Not ffxiv

Patrick_pk441550d ago

Beautiful particle effects and graphics in general. The gameplay and detail of the monsters look phenomenal. The only negative is F2P, and Capcom being behind this concept.

medman1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Absolutely. Capcom/f2p definitely concerns me. Hopefully they saw what type of reception the game got early on and invested properly in making it worthwhile for gamers. However, to say I'm intrigued would be an understatement. It's looking really good. I'm hopeful.

SoapShoes1550d ago

War Thunder and Planetside 2 are great F2P games. So is DC Universe Online. It doesn't necessarily mean those games are lower quality.

YoungKingDoran1550d ago

As awesome as Bloodborne will be, I still felt like I'd kinda miss the Souls style combat... But now I feel that Deep Down could scratch that itch. Let's go Capcom, be great again!

(P.S. Randomly generated too, Deep Down could last a looong time)

joab7771550d ago

My only worry is f2p and how much content is at launch and free.

Destiny gets knocked but 8 dungeons, each w/ a bunch of difficulties, r playable story missions etc. is quite a bit for a launch.

I agree though that procedural is nice. Resistance 2 had set maps in which u r path and the enemies changed each time. That helps.

1550d ago
windblowsagain1550d ago

Which begs the question.

I've been playing Infamous ss. Killzone sf new maps.

Just seen Driveclub new footage, and now deep down.

When Nvidia waffle on about PS4 being underpowered. GTFO.

I haven't seen these types of graphics on MY PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.