A First Look At Dragon Quest Heroes’ Gameplay Footage

"Earlier today, we got a look at some of the key characters for Dragon Quest Heroes, an upcoming Dragon Quest action title. Square Enix have now provided a first look at some gameplay footage during Tokyo Game Show 2014."

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Relientk771373d ago

Awesome gameplay

so happy we get a new Dragon Quest game

Godmars2901373d ago

Apparently "we", as in anyone who imports this since it hasn't been given a Western release date yet, get this as well as a new Dragon Quest game too.

This is a Dynasty Warriors game. Not that I mean anything bad by that; this looks several levels evolved from the series' usual rinse and repeat.

NewMonday1373d ago

most recent DQ games other than the MMO DQ10 came west, tis should come as well.

love how the character design of Toriyama is softly rendered in high quality 3D.

and DQ series producer Yuji Horii is overseeing the game, they said it's an Action/RPG not just a Dynasty clone. Tecmo wanted more elements from Zelda in Hyrul Warriors but it was Miyamoto that told the to just keep it an action game.

bazinga_911373d ago

That looks amazing.
I hope it comes to west.

goken1373d ago

Looks like another musou game... nothing wrong with that, but wish it was a bit less mosou. I wonder how they're going to incorporate rpg elements into this. the number of enemies on screen sure looks impressive.

tulholdren1373d ago

OK being this over here, but if you don't I will just have to import. I want this game liking what I'm seeing

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