Metal Gear Collection 2014 Revealed at TGS ...And It's Not What You Think

Kojima has been teasing us with "Metal Gear Collection 2014" the past few weeks and all has finally been revealed.

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-Foxtrot1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

A clothing line....REALLY Kojima


Great can't wait to walk around with my official eye patch

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LightDiego1184d ago

Kojima is a huge troll. If he had an account here, he would have only one bubble.

Palitera1184d ago

Haha +funny

btw, what happened with yours? You had some last week, didnt you?

On topic, I doubt anyone saw that coming! Well played.

theshonen88991184d ago

I laughed my ass off after seeing this.

I can't really complain, Kojima always surprises me.

Ares84HU1183d ago

You know, the fact that you yourself have only one bubble makes this even more funny! :D

Codey471183d ago

Hear hear!

And the fact I used my only bubble to deliver my piss weak watered down gravy....even more laughable!

Paprika1183d ago

Whoever disagreed to this is dumb! Or its Kojima himself.... again trolling.

Your comment was so true lol

Malphite1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

If Kojima indeed would have an account on n4g we would need a bubble up vote function for trolling.

crxss1183d ago

I have so many MGS collections and I'm kinda in the mood to rock some MGS threads so... Not mad at all

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Muzikguy1184d ago

That's a scary eyepatch you got there

Concertoine1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Might have to rewatch twin peaks now lol

Safe to say no one saw this coming

Summons751183d ago

Because MGS clothes and accessories have NEVER EVER been made before.... Guess my work bag (a FoxHound messenger bag) and my closet full of MGS Tshirts don't actually exist then...

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Lenrulesdaworld1184d ago

Roflmao, we've been Rick Rolled by Kojima-san smh, thats twice for us Xbox fans. 1st metal gears:GZ 720p lol now this hahaha. Good one

TXIDarkAvenger1184d ago

I should of expected some kind of troll. Well I ain't even mad though still kind of cool.

bazinga_911184d ago

Kojima, you big troll lmao!

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The story is too old to be commented.