SEGA Releases Phantasy Star Nova TGS Trailer

Hardcore Gamer: SEGA has released a new trailer for Phantasy Star Nova.

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GdaTyler1375d ago

Can't wait. Any hope for this coming West? I'll import if I have to.

Catoplepas1375d ago

I wouldn't bank on it. Sega seem to take a perverse pleasure in refusing to localize their best IPs.

GdaTyler1375d ago

Do english patches exist for these games? It would really kill it if I cannot follow the story. :(

Catoplepas1375d ago

No, but there are sure to be dedicated members of the gaming community that will write a localized walkthrough.

Midkn1ght1375d ago

Taiwan March 2015 so....

Rockets121375d ago

Ugh please gimme this game. I really need to learn Japanese....Japan has so many games that I want for the vita. Why can't they share :(