Final Fantasy XV Details: Classical FF enemies like Goblins are back

GC - "These enemies are actually taken from old FF games and you’d be surprised to see how far we have come when it comes to the visual style."

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kalkano1375d ago

*gasp* Maybe this IS a Final Fantasy game!


Wake me up when Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy again.

Smurf11375d ago

What do you not like about Final Fantasy XV? It seems pretty decent so far.

kalkano1375d ago

Action-RPG <- Not Final Fantasy.

vishmarx1375d ago

just came back from work and i have 15 different tabs open,
my brain hurts

dasbeer881375d ago

Cars! Why are there cars in this FF game? What ever happened to the airships? I thought transportation was based on airships, not land vehicles. FFS this isn't Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row.

Finalfantasykid1375d ago

Cars/Buggies whatever you want to call them have been in most of the 'sci-fi' final fantasy games (ie. 7, 8). There was an interview with I think Nomura like 5 years ago and he said there would be airships and an overworld (What we see in the trailer is probably part of the overworld)

Godmars2901375d ago

"What do you not like about Final Fantasy XV?"

The development time for one. That it was announced and is following in the wake of two other projects: FF13 and FF14. And no matter what you want to say about FF14: a Realm Reborn - I'm taking about FF14.

At the very least, its just impossible for some to get excited about this game because of what's Square has been doing for an entire console gen.

elninels1375d ago


I understand what you are saying. I for one am a big fan of ffx's system.

That being said if something akin to bravely default hits consoles and ffxv ends up being similar to kingdom hearts with more depth then my thirst will be slated.

Persona 5 will probably be enough jrpg for quite a long time.

Edito1375d ago

I stopped playing after FFX cause i loved the Turn Based gameplay the action thing really doesn't do it for me...

Pozzle1375d ago

"Cars! Why are there cars in this FF game? What ever happened to the airships? I thought transportation was based on airships, not land vehicles. FFS this isn't Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row."

What? Plenty of FF games have land vehicles. Just off the top of my head...In FFVII you drive Cloud's motorbike and a four-wheel buggy. In FFIV you can ride in tanks. And in FFVIII you can ride the train and hire rental cars to move across the world map: http://finalfantasy.wikia.c...

Christopher1375d ago

People bitch about FF not changing. People bitch about FF when it does change.

No winning here.

Godmars2901375d ago

Cloud's bike in FF7 was a mini-game. Likewise tanks where a thing in FF4, or aside from a few environmental blocks, cars, trains and the four-wheel buggy weren't needed.

With the FF15 trailer we're seeing a luxury city car being used cross country like a Range Rover. How does that make any sense?

I think what people wanted to see was further progression from airships and travel from FF9. Seeing as well as interacting with other airships. Having special air-only encounters. having to customize and upgrade your ship to get through certain obstacles or areas. Like needing more powerful engines in order to get through or go over a wind swept canyon.

The problem with modern gaming is that it only single level or perspective whereas some early games had multiple perspectives. Like the differences between an over-world dungeon or town.

kalkano1375d ago


If they brought Bravely Default to consoles, that would be great. But, the industry has this logical fallacy where they think they need to dial the production value back to 0 if the game is turn-based. The reality is, they lose sales by dialing back the production value, not by making the game turn-based.

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MrSwankSinatra1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Just because it's an Action RPG doesn't mean that it's any less of a Final Fantasy game. Should we consider FFVII not a real FF game because it had a timed based battle system? That ideology is very moronic imho.

Metallox1375d ago

It's not Final Fantasy... but it looks very cool. Besides, it's open world and it seems that you can drive a car in a very awesome highway. Makes me very excited for the game.

hkgamer1375d ago

ff viii let you rent cars and drive around in world map.

ffxii allowed more free roam and enemies on screen with no transition.

i understand what you and most people are saying, but final fantasy isnt really about replicating past games.

joab7771375d ago

I know. Finally we may get a real next next gen ff game. I know they have it in them. I just know it.

There are amazing things they can add and new things they can try, but not at the expense of what we live. Add it on, don't replace .

SoulMikeY1375d ago

You lack some serious intelligence man. This is more "Final Fantasy" than any in the last 15 years. And cars have been in FF before smart one.

And by the way, action RPG is not the same as an action game. This game is clearly not like DMC in any way. When's the last time you ran across a Skyrim looking field in Metal Gear Rising or Bayonetta? That's what I thought dipsh*t.

I hate these f***in' douches that come here for attention that their parents clearly didn't give them, which I and others inevitably give them by correcting their misinformed and idiotic comments...

TongkatAli1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I know! He is going to every article of the game saying it's not a real Final Fantasy, it sounds like he is going crazy trying to convince himself that it ain't when it is.

If he really feels that way he should be secure and be done with the game. I know what he likes Bravery Default, lol, he is going to be playing that when we are playing this beast, fing love it.

I remember someone told him to play Persona 4 because that is turn based and he was like "ewwww, I don't like Persona" You can't win with that guy.

mechlord1375d ago


That said, now i can wait another 3 years for XV. It looks like they are doing a great game. Hope that demo gets to be bigger than XIII's was.

Godmars2901375d ago

I hate blind defensive loyalty in the face of multiple examples of bad performance.

Somehow it didn't matter that FF13 was the game it was, two sequels were made to make up for it.

FF14 was mess with expensive emphasis put in all the wrong places? Doesn't matter, a Realm Reborn fixed all/most of the problems at twice the production price!

3rd Birthday...

If FF15 is good, then its good. But right now to many former fans of the series who are still interested in the series - Square needs to prove that they can deliver before those former fans risk becoming fans again.

You and the other faithful telling us to shut up and/or f**k off, not helping anyone. Negative opinions aside, we still represent sales. Sales which Square - and you - want.

So how about dealing with our opinions and comments, because we have as much right to them as you.

TheLyonKing1375d ago

You need to move on with the times. There are still airships and classic themes final fantasy has never stuck to one style and one battle system.

Revengeance1374d ago

Action-RPG <- Not Final Fantasy

Funny you say that. The Tales series also started out as a turn-based series. Then it was switched to a real time battle system which turned out to be BETTER for the series going forward.

Moral of the story: A single game mechanic does NOT define a game or series.

kalkano1374d ago

"The Tales series also started out as a turn-based series."

No it didn't. Are you on crack? The first game was Tales of Phantasia, on SNES. <- Action-RPG. There hasn't been a single turn-based game in the series.

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WeAreLegion1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I love the game more every time I see something new about it. That gameplay was phenomenal! The music! The mechanics! The character designs! Everything is just so epic.

Tex1171375d ago

Im positive I will buy it, but damn, there is something about the "Japanese" character design along with those beasts and setting that seems incoherent to me.

hkgamer1375d ago

i think its been a long time since japanese developers have produced a game so good looking.

thats probably what makes it feel wierd.

tenacious_b1375d ago

Strange looking but cool. Im interested

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